Nailbiter #20 Capsule Review


Title:  Nailbiter #20

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Joshua Williamson

Artist:  Mike Henderson

Colorist:  Adam Guzowski

Letterer:  John J. Hill

Cover Artist:  Mike Henderson and Adam Guzowski

Review:  ★★★★★

Things just a big turn for the world of Nailbiter, leaving us plenty of things to ponder during its two month break.  Finch and Barker uncover the truth about the real identity of the Devil Killer, only to be left with more questions than they had before.  It sets a great showdown between them and the killer for some awesome results.  As things calm back down, Finch and Warren have a long talk where we are left to wonder, is Warren really a butcher?  Nothing is set in stone yet, but this is a great curveball that could really shake things up.  If that weren’t enough, Barker finally gets to have a chat with someone as well and finally loses control over her violent thoughts.  We knew it had to be coming, but it happens in a spectacular way that leaves the cast, and us, in shock.  This is an issue Nailbiter fans absolutely cannot miss and one will convince any newcomers to start reading immediately.

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