Star Wars Black Series 6″ Speeder Bike with Biker Scout Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $39.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Phase 2 – Deluxe Wave 1

Review: ★★★★☆

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The 6-inch Black Series has very few vehicles to add to your collection for a pretty good reason:  the size.  If you have seen the Tie-Fighter from The Force Awakens that has been released, it is beautiful, but big enough to take up some serious space wherever you might try to display it.  Hasbro previously released one of our favorite, smaller vehicles with its pilot, the Speeder Bike with Biker Scout.  While released over a year ago, this has been clearanced out at many retailers presenting you with a great opportunity to scoop this up.

The Biker Scout himself looks incredible.  They included all the small details from his costume for a fantastic sculpt.  Of course to be able to “pilot” the Speeder Bike, the figure required a lot of articulation.  Thanks to the natural design of the costume, the articulation points blend in well for a natural look.  It allows you to pose him by himself or on the bike in a multitude of ways.  He even includes his blaster and a holster on his right leg for an extra level of detail.  His boots have a bit of dirt painted in, but that’s the only wear details you’ll see.  They could have thrown a little more of the dirt on him to show a little more time spent on Endor, but even without more he looks great.

While the Biker Scout may not feature a lot of painted in wear, the actual Speeder Bike does.  The designers added in several points where the Bike has simulated damage for a weathered look.  The paint in general has a great authentic feel to compliment a spot on sculpt.  You can adjust the blaster on it, the handle bars, and even the vent flaps in the back.  It really looks as though it was pulled straight out of the film.

One of the nice additions that works better in theory than practice is the display stand for the Speeder Bike.  The first problem we ran into was actually attaching the stand.  Since you wouldn’t want the ball joint on the stand connecting into the Bike to be loose and flop around, they’ve made it really tight.  It takes a bit of pressure to pop it in, but the stand itself isn’t necessarily strong enough to withstand that pressure.  Our first attempt immediately bent the stand.  On a second attempt, and being more carefully, we finally got it in.  While you can position the speeder bike in a few ways, it does have its limits where you have to watch the weight or its going to tip right over.  The bottom base just isn’t big enough to support much variety for angling.

Beyond the base that could have been better designed, the Speeder Bike and Biker Scout are a fantastic combo.  Both look amazing and are exceptionally well designed.  Pulling the trigger on it now you might be able to pick this up for a great price.  Make sure to add the best looking Deluxe figure to your collection while you can.

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