Star Wars Black Series 6″ Rey (Jakku) with BB-8 Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $19.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Phase 3 – Wave 1

Review: ★★★★☆

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Editor’s Note:  Our review is based on the latest release of the Rey and BB-8 figures included in the current waves.  While the same sculpts, Rey’s face paint is now more natural and BB-8 has a slight darker wash.  

Buy this, and buy this now.  Are these two figures perfect?  No, which we will get into further down.  Do they have to be perfect?  No, not when it comes with two of the best characters to come out of The Force Awakens (even if admittedly everyone coming out of the film are the best character in our minds.)  Even so, will still discuss the positives and negatives of each figure since there are a few things to keep in mind about them, even if it is a forgone conclusion that you are giving up your money to get these.

BB-8 obviously is the simpler of the two figures, by design.  Hasbro did a fantastic job on the sculpt, carving in little details and perfecting his head.  The coloring is mostly nailed down along the sculpted details, though you’ll find a occassion imperfection here and there.  They gave him a sort of messy, dark wash that actually serves to cover up those mistakes and highlight his details even greater.

His first actual problem comes from the seam where his left and right body pieces come together.  On most we’ve seen on shelves, the two halves don’t come together perfectly.  From far away you may not see it, but up close, as slight of a mismatch as it is, it’s noticeable.  Our only other complaint comes from his natural spherical shape.  Being round means he is going to be tough to pose correctly.  Combined with his weight and head, luckily he can stay mostly up right and won’t just roll away on your shelf.

Rey is the main event of this pair and Hasbro did a fantastic job with figure.  Just starting with her head, her hair could have used a little more texture, but overall they did a great job of capturing her unique style, especially having her strands going down her face.  They really made her look like Daisy Ridley with a soft sculpt and some fantastic paint.

We really wish they could have mixed in some fabric with her clothing, but with a lack of that there is nice difference in texture between her smooth robe and darker undershirt.  Her belt strap and wrist bracelet are the only two areas where they could have added additional texture as they look very simple and plain.

She has plenty of articulation points throughout her arms and legs, wrists and feet, to accommodate plenty of poses, especially with her staff.  Without her staff, her right hand has an odd slant to it for holding the accessory, but it’s not that off-putting.  Of course we would have loved for her to have come with Anakin’s lightsaber for some great action poses with Kylo Ren, but that’s the problem with secretive marketing taking the lead.

Rey we would easily have purchased on her own;  BB-8 we would have still purchased, even if begrudgingly having to pay for him separate.  But adding both characters together is a wonderful win for us as fans and a sigh of relief from our wallets.  It really makes this purchase a no brainer as these are amazing center pieces for your Black Series The Force Awakens collection or any open shelf you have..

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