Star Wars Black Series 6″ Captain Phasma Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $19.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Phase 3 – Wave 2

Review: ★★★☆☆

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Captain Phasma’s appearance in The Force Awakens may have been brief, but this hulking, silver stormtrooper still stole her way into our hearts and minds.  It wasn’t a far stretch for Hasbro to be able to translate Phasma into a great looking figure and sure enough they did.

Just like in the film, Captain Phasma is an imposing figure that rivals the size of Chewbacca.  It’s a large, slightly bulky figure that just looks sharp.  The paint job helps make the figure stand out with a smooth black for the details to pop off a shiny metallic paint on the armor.  Her cape is plastic which makes it sit well for appearances from far away.  For being a big plastic piece it actually works, though it could have looked even better if they would have used a nice fabric like with Darth Vader’s cape.

A consequence of being a big, bulky figure is that Phasma is not very poseable.  Since her cape is plastic and doesn’t flow, it restricts a few options.  The real problem is just heavier articulation points that weren’t designed for her to have much mobility.  The left arm is partly trapped in the cape at the shoulder restricting movement, but the actual armor is the real culprit.  The shoulder and knee pads look nice, but stop the joints from moving to far.  The same problem is present on her right leg.  Her utility belt is so big and tight against her thigh that it doesn’t allow for much movement.  The joints on a her elbows are at least flexible enough for her to hold her blaster properly.

The figure has a few problems, but really captures the look of Captain Phasma overall.  You’ll have problems trying to creatively displaying the figure because of the articulation problems, but the trade-off is a quality looking sculpt and paint that surely will draw anyone’s eye.

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