Stan Lee’s Lucky Man: More Yang Than Yin Review

  • Episode: More Yang Than Yin (S01E01)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

I guess its ironic that by luck I came across Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, a show currently only on Briton’s sky 1 TV. Though it is a bit soon to tell just what this little gem is going to be, it needs a bit of polish if it wants to be something more than the usual cop drama.

James Nesbitt plays Harry Clayton, an in over his head cop with a gambling problem.  There are a few other normal clichés thrown in this show beyond that.  If you noticed Stan Lee’s name is in the title, however, it should come as no surprise that powers come into play;  Harry has the ability to control his own luck. To be fair, Harry didn’t always have this power.  Over the course of the first episode, he gets pulled into a murder investigation in which he is somewhat invested in, being as he had owed the deceased a lot of my because of his gambling debts. Seems strange for someone who controls his own luck, but that power is thanks to a nifty bracelet he has only recently been mysteriously given.

Most of the first episode is a long decent down the rabbit hole that doesn’t actually end with Harry knowing much more than “The wearer is endowed with vast luck, but remember that it comes with a price yin yang and all that.  By the way, that bracelet isn’t meant for you, its meant for this other guy who wants it and is probably going to kill you for it, good-bye.” That’s paraphrasing a scene that really sums up the whole episode.

I will say that both the acting and the filmography is good.  It shows there is potential for the future. The first episode shows hints that it could be taking a thriller with a small action chaser road, but I feel like we are going to see a straight middle of the road police drama with a superpower side story thrown in. I do not want to jusge to much because the show did keep my attention and it is a first episode after all.

Having just jumped in, I am not quite sure the extent of Stan Lee’s involvement with the show.  As far as I can tell this is all original material and the only thing with Stan’s name on it happens to be the title, meaning he probably only serves as a producer to give it his stamp. He makes a happy little cameo in the show that made me smile.  I assume it’s the last we will see of him in the show. My best guess is somewhere someone said “Hey we should get in on the superhero craze so call Stan Lee’s people and see if he can throw us an idea.”  I imagine Stan’s reply as “I don’t know what have we not done a bunch with, probability control? I got it a cop who controls luck! Excelsior! That’ll be big!” Who knows maybe it was a bit more complex than that, but I bet I’m not far off.

Long and short, I say you should check it out.  It has potential if it doesn’t take the safe formula route.  If you still are not sure take a look at the trailer for yourself.

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