Star Wars Black Series 6″ Poe Dameron and Stormtrooper Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $39.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Target Exclusive

Review:  ★★☆☆☆

Target nabbed what was easily the most interesting Star Wars:  The Force Awakens Black Series exclusive.  The two pack features Poe Dameron in his normal gear along with the closest thing we can get to having a FN-2199 figure, the memorable stormtrooper who shouts “Traitor!” at Finn.  In theory this should be a great two pack to pick up.  Unfortunately some poor design choices and heavy paint variations make this a pack to think twice about.

Beginning with the best part of this combo is Poe Dameron.  By himself, you can only get Poe in his X-Wing gear, making this version truly different.  The figure itself can look great.  It has some great articulation, aside from his left arm laying a little awkward, to better hold his helmet.  His clothes have some great texture and detail to stand out while his jacket actually looks better than it does for the Finn (Jakku) figure.  While it is the same jacket in the film, the jacket here uses a different mold than the Finn figure.  It sports slightly better details here, which get highlighted from a more rustic coloring that makes it pop more.

The biggest problem that can either make this figure look great or screw it up is the paint job on his face.  Having seen plenty of these on the shelf, there is a big amount of variation between the eyes painting and his facial scruff.  Looking at four different sets, each one can make Poe look completely different.  Make sure if you grab one off of the shelf you pay close attention to this or it can end up not looking like Oscar Isaac.

Finally, the worst part of this combo pack is the First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper.  The figure itself is otherwise just the normal stormtrooper by itself.  The sculpt is very well done and the simple nature of the armor means you will see less paint defects on it;  you still will want to watch out for black nicks on the white armor, but from several we saw it was an infrequent problem.

Where the figure fails miserably is with the accessories that make this character Riot Control.  Inexplicably the shield does not come off.  His forearm armor is to thick for the shield to slide off.  What makes this utterly frustrating is that back strap is positioned right at his elbow.  This makes trying to pose that arm a nightmare as you really can not use that articulation point.  If that were not bad enough, he cannot firmly grip the Z6-baton.  His right hand was sculpted to hold his blaster, meaning his baton loosely goes in and falls out is nearly every poseable way.  His left hand does a slightly better job, but that arm is still mostly useless with the nonremovable shield.

Deciding to go with this two pack is a very tough decision.  Personally, we really prefer this version of Poe Dameron compared to him in his X-Wing gear.  The problem attached to it is making sure you grab one with a decent paint job on his face.  As for the stormtrooper, it’s hard to go wrong with a stormtrooper, but somehow they did it.  Poor design choices just plague the figure.  You might be tempted to just snip the shield off and toss the baton aside, defeating the purpose of this version.  The idea of grabbing these two figures is great, it’s just a shame in actual execution it misses mark.

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