Star Wars Black Series 6″ Finn (Jakku) Review

Manufacture: Hasbro

MSRP: $19.99

Series: Black Series 6″ Phase 3 – Wave 1

Review:  ★★★★☆

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The Black Series 6″ Finn easily comes in as one of the better figures from the first wave of The Force Awakens characters, especially compared to the other heroes that have released so far.  Even with that said, there still are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to add this great figure to your collection.

The articulation and molding used for the figure are one of its best features.  They actually do a great job with the face to ensure it really looks like John Boyega.  While his pants and shirt are by nature fairly plain, they include plenty of creases and folds to give it a great textured look and feel.  His jacket, which has some fantastic details itself, works very well as it fits on him like a vest;  a very snug vest.  It sticks to his body closely and doesn’t constrict the articulation on his arms at the shoulder, which we have seen with other figures from The Force Awakens.  His arms and legs features multiple points of articulation to be able to put him in a vast amount of poses.

His blaster is sadly the wrong color, but it actually is very solid;  from a few we have seen on stands, we have not seen one that was bent.  It fits perfectly in his right hand, never feeling like it is going to move around or have any chance of falling out.

When choosing to add Finn to your collection, the biggest thing to keep an eye out for are his eyes.  The variations have not been big enough to make him look that much different, but there have been a few were his pupils are a little to large and make him just look ever so slightly off.  Beyond that, Finn is not a character that required much paint to screw up.  The sand/dirt on his bottom pant legs are in theory a nice touch, however, personally we could have done without that.

Hasbro did a great job with the first figure in the line and just for the character in general.  It will certainly be interesting to see how the upcoming Finn in Stormtrooper gear will compare.  If we had one major disappointment with this version, it would be our same complaint with Rey;  it really would have been nice for both of them to have included Anakin’s lightsaber.  Of course marketing and secrecy purposes couldn’t allow that, but it is a small complaint anyways.  If you are looking to add to or just start building a Black Series collection, this is a solid figure to start with.

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