Arrow: Blood Debts Review

  • Episode: Blood Debt (S04E10)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


The one thing that makes the Arrow show is the motivations that push Oliver to his goal. After the mid-season ending, the Oliver has massive amounts of motivation.  Starting to backtrack towards his older ways, Oliver goes absolutely crazy trying to find Damien Darhk.  Darhk has made things more personal than he needed to do. Of course I’m talking about Felicity getting shot in the last episode. Frankly it was, and continues to be, some great drama the show needed to make it more thrilling. The only downside of what they do to Felicity in the process is that it feels like they are writing for Batman instead of Arrow.  Of course after Arrow Begins last year, we should be familiar with that.


As stated, Oliver regresses to some of his former actions. Leap without looking if you will, in an effort to catch Darhk. After a back and forth with the return of Lonnie Machin, who team Arrow captures and sends to the police without Oliver’s approval, Oliver helps his escape.  Machin wants revenge on Darhk and Oliver is fine freeing a killer if it puts him closer to tracking down his current nemesis.  This plan works well, except Machin throws an ugly monkey wrench into Oliver’s plans for revenge as he gets a little to violent on some innocents.


The show continues to have the island flashbacks. Past Oliver acts like Oliver of the future, so there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two. The show does dwell on the tattoo that Constantine gave Oliver in an earlier episode, being the only thing that saves him from a slow death. The mercenary leader Reiter seems to have some idea of might be going on with the mark.  I hope the set of sequences eventually pay for Ollie and us the viewer, though it really feels like they have run out of ideas for the flashbacks.  Perhaps it is way past time to retire them?

The only problem that I’m having with the show is the fact that it feels like the whole back-end is going to be stretched out more than necessary.  I hope the pay off is worth it as Darhk is starting to lose a little steam. Also, continuing to steal Batman story lines might not be the way to go, so lets hope it can distinguish itself enough in this current tragedy.

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