The Flash: Potential Energy Review

  • Episode: Potential Energy (S02E10)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


Can the Flash get any better? Yes, yes it can.  The addition of the Wally West character makes for some excellent character development for not only Joe but Barry as well.  (Can we say Kid Flash eventually?) Plus Wally has become somewhat of a speedster in his own right.

The thing that has slowed down Barry’s growth is his relationship with Patty Spivot. This episode goes through the whole, “should I tell her that I’m the fastest man alive” thing. I can say that the resolution to this plot line is what I would consider ideal, even if not necessary.


This episode’s villain of the week is a meta that Cisco has dubbed the Turtle. Sounds powerful, right?  Too bad Captain Cold and Heat Wave have moved to another show.  The Turtle is a meta who can slow down everything around him while he moves normal.  What does that mean for the Flash?  Of course he eventually defeats the bad guy, but it actually turns out interesting because of the Turtle’s motivations, which have been seen before, are a tad gruesome.


Zoom is our season’s main big bad.  He’s terrifying and the dominate fear of him has been built into Barry’s subconscious. The rest of the episode is focused on the rest of the cast trying to stop Zoom.  Harrison Wells goes to some extreme lengths to solve the Zoom problem.  The end gives us plenty more to consider for next week and we welcome the challenge.


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