Agent Carter: The Lady in the Lake Review

  • Episode: The Lady in the Lake (S02E01)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

After a year-long break from Agent Carter, we dropped back into her world of esponiage. Peggy has been diligently tracking down her Russian adversary, Dottie Underwood.  Since the last season Peggy is seen more as an agent then a secretary and it serves the character well. Fortunately we get an excellent bank robbery scene where Peggy gets to kick some serious butt.

Carter’s coworker and friend, Sousa, has been promoted and sent to the LA office to open shop. Circumstances allow Peggy to move out there as well to begin her new adventures. The new scenery is a nice change for Peggy. They give Haley Atwell some excellent scenes to point out her Hollywood potential. I want to believe Dottie is going to be Peggy’s nemesis as the series progresses.


The set up for her transfer to LA is that a woman is frozen in the middle of a lake. It’s highly unlikely that this would happen in the middle of summer. Peggy is called in because of her experience with the unusual. The change of scenery is nice for the plot, but the subject seemed awkward. They try to find a scientific explanation for  something that has no reasoning. The thing that makes the plot fun is the addition of Jarvis, returning from the first season. They let us believe that Howard Stark is in Hollywood to shoot a movie in the vain of Howard Hughes. Peggy and Jarvis’s relationship is fun buddy-cop type dynamic that works well.


Unfortunately, the plot is so confusing as to who the actual villains are that I think we forget why we like Peggy so much in the first place. The thing that made this first episode enjoyable were some amusing  LA jokes and the “Tales of Suspense” password hidden in Peggy’s arrival to the office in LA. The office is amusingly disguised as a talent office that isn’t listed, but actors seem to find it anyways. I’m sure it’ll be an ongoing gag for the show. Sousa is in charge of the office and it’s nice to see Enver Gjokaj get some more screen time.


It was a little muddled out of the gate, but it still was nice to see most of the cast make a return as these characters really work well together.  This acts as a two parter to begin the season so we have more to look forward to quickly with the second episode.

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