The Best Games of the 2015

2015 proved to be a wonderful year for gamers as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One really started to hit their groove with a plethora of fantastic releases.  PC gaming continued to flourish as usual and even the Wii U, which might not have seen a great amount of releases, still had plenty to get excited about.  There where a lot of releases and a lot of games that we developed a deep connection with as they ate away our hours, days, weeks, and even months in some cases.  We all came in with our own individual ideas of what the Best Games of 2015 were and then narrowed them down to just the Top Ten games.  These are the games that if you are a gamer, you should have no excuses for not playing as they are what we believe are the best of the best.  Check out our picks below and make sure to let us know in the comments what your Top Ten list looks like!


10.  Rise of the Tomb Raider

Is Rise of the Tomb Raider the most overlooked game of the year?  Based on sales, it certainly seems so, which is a complete and utter shame.  This sequel to the rebooted series was a fantastic game that brought more of everything we loved about the first.  There is a bigger and better story, more complex tombs, plenty of treasure, and a still developing, but more refined Lara.  Perhaps people are just waiting for the Playstation 4 version to hit this year, but if you have an Xbox One and have not played this, you are really missing out on a spectacular gem.


9.  Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

After the terribly buggy release of Assassin’s Creed Unity last holiday, many people wondered if it wasn’t time for Ubisoft to pack away the franchise for a few years.  Do we really need the series to be yearly after all?  While that is not a question we are prepared to answer, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate came to the rescue and showed us that there is still plenty of life left in the series.  Adding the brother and sister protagonists along side a vibrant London in the 19th century breathed new life in the series.  It really helped that the developer decided to drop the multiplayer and focus on what made the series great from the start, the strong storytelling that made us originally fall in love with the series.


8.  The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Geralt made his return this year with one of the most deep and complex RPGs ever made.  It has a complex combat system that you need to learn and understand quick or you are not going to make it very far.  Frustrating at times, perhaps, but extremely satisfying when you lock down and master the mechanics.  Just on the weapon and armor customization, we found that we could easily lose and hour without realizing it.  That’s just the start though as you dive into the impressive open world and find various missions to complete that seem never-ending.


7.  Tales From The Borderlands

Telltale has been delivering us amazing games for years, but this year they took a big chance by designing a game based on Gearbox’s popular series Borderlands.  Sure, we loved the story in Borderlands, but the great mix of RPG and first person shooter combined with all the loot you could dream of is what really had us hooked.  Would Telltale really be able to adapt that all in their typical point and click style adventure?  We should never have worried as they did one hell of a job of bringing every aspect of Borderlands into Tales From the Borderlands.  They transformed the shooting and looting into the game their own way, but one that still bolstered one of our favorite stories of the year.  Telltale has proven again and again they are the greatest storytellers in gaming, and Tales From the Borderlands had us drooling for more after every episode.


6.  Halo 5:  Guardians

It’s not hard to say that Halo 5:  Guardians brought a tough fight to win back the crown for best multiplayer shooter to the series again.  The tightened the mechanics and existing modes to bring us one of the best online experiences of the year.  Best of all they introduced Warzone to the multiplayer that easily can suck our days away in a black hole.  The single player definitely wasn’t bad, though the story was one of the weaker ones in years from the series.  Regardless, it still showed us we will always have a place for Master Chief in our life and cannot wait to see what Halo 6 will bring us next.


5.  Batman:  Arkham Knight

Was Batman:  Arkham Knight absolutely perfect?  No, but it was the biggest and baddest Batman game yet and still one of the best games of the year.  It gave you the chance to become Batman more than ever before with an expanded map to roam around Gotham and plenty of new gadgets to play with.  The biggest addition tying into both of those was certainly the ability to use the Batmobile.  Using the Batmobile for the first time was incredible, even if the Rocksteady Studios shoved a little to many tank missions into the game.  Still, it featured a wonderful cast of Batman’s most notorious villains and served up an amazing conclusion to this wonderful series.


4.  Super Mario Maker

Ever since we played the orignal Super Mario Brothers on the NES, we and most everyone we know has had their own ideas of how to make a Mario level.  Because everyone can make a level just as good, if not better, than Nintendo, right?  This year Nintendo made people put their money where there mouth is with the release of Super Mario Maker.  Sure, previously you could use various tools online to craft your own Mario games, but the ease of use here tops that out ten fold.  If you have illusions that you can make the best Mario level ever, you probably will be disappointed.  That doesn’t mean you won’t create something wonderfully different and creative with the vast amount of options you have available in your tool belt.  Even if creating levels isn’t quite your thing, every day you can find fantastic new creations published online by players around the world.  Just like the Jelly of the Month club, Super Mario Maker is the gift that keeps on giving.


3.  Metal Gear Solid V:  Phantom Pain

One of the best games of the year unfortunately carried some of the biggest controversies of the year as Konami tried their best to distance creator Hideo Kojima from the fantastic game he created.  With all that controversy aside, it really was a fantastic game and one of the best games of the year.  Kojima brought us the biggest game world we had ever seen in a Metal Gear before.  With that came the freedom to do what you wanted, when you wanted, how you wanted.  It took the espionage series to another level we didn’t think possible.  If this is the last time Kojima will work on a Metal Gear game with Konami, at least he left his series with one final masterpiece.


2.  Fallout 4

How do you possibly top Fallout 3, one of the biggest games around in terms of map size and things to do?  Well, you come back with an even bigger map and even more things to do.  Viola!  You have Fallout 4.  The amount of choices you have and the amount of relics you can find will suck your time away more than any other game that released this year.  There is just so much to do with exploring, improved combat, crafting, and more that when you know you should put the control down because you have to go to live your life on the outside, you just can’t bear to part with it.  The best games are the ones were you get the chance to make your own experience from start to finish, and Fallout gives us just that.


1.  Mortal Kombat X

When went about compiling a list of the best games of the year, Mortal Kombat X found its place on everyone’s list, something no other game did.  Even with this being the 10th instalment, NetherRealm Studios found a way to once again surprise and delight us as if we were hearing “Finish Him” for the first time.  The game is very polished with a great story that saw long time favorites turned evil and fantastic mechanics that made the game a joy to play offline and online for old and new player alike.  Best of all it introduced more characters than we have seen in years, all having a unique play style that made us quickly fall in love with them.  With even more DLC characters coming next year, there looks to be no stopping how good this game can get.

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