The Best Comic Series of 2015

One of our hardest lists at the end of the year for us is always choosing the best comic series. 2015 saw several new fantastic series along with continuing ones that kep us on the edge of our seats.  Every publisher put out some amazing books this year, but for our purposes we needed to whittle down the list of our favorites to just ten.  It was tough, but we finally decide on the best of the best.  Check out what we chose for the Best Comics Series of 2015, and in the comments let us know what your picks for the end of the year are!


10.  Wytches (Image Comics)

When was the last time anyone was actually afraid of witches?  Halloween has commercialized them to the extent that they’re nearly a parody at this point.  Enter Scott Snyder and Jock.  This year they successfully injected the utter and sheer horror back into witches by making them grotesque monsters that feed off little children.  It’s the kind of story that makes parents worry about leaving their kids home alone.  Whether you have children or not, the story will send goosebumps down your spine.


9.  The Wicked + The Divine (Image Comics)

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s fantasy combines the world’s worship of our pop icons with the worship of deities.  The second arc, ending with issue #11, has a shock conclusion that nobody could have expected.  Neither creator has ever been better, and The Wicked + The Divine will probably become known as their quintessential collaboration, along with colorist Matt Wilson and letterer Clayton Cowles.


8.  Lazarus (Image Comics)

This year has been pretty rough on the Carlyle family.  After the head of the family took ill, it feels as though everyone has been gunning for them.  This means Forever has been unleashed on their enemies in complete, glorious fashion.  Michael Lark’s art is incredible in action, really making the book pop on every page.  What has been really strong this year is the political dealings as members of the Carlyle family try to individually save themselves by selling out the rest of the family.  Each issue makes you wonder what will happen next, which is a fantastic feeling.


7.  Sexcastle (Image Comics)

Kyle Starks’ graphic novel is a hilarious 80’s action romp with an appropriately exaggerated aesthetic and transcendently uproarious dialogue.  It did exactly what it set out to do with style and aplomb.  Of everything on our list, it most likely got passed over more than anything else we’ve picked, but it was a comic that is certainly worth checking out.


6.  Archie Vs. Predator (Dark Horse Comics and Archie Comics)

This is easily one of the most off the wall combinations imaginable in comics, but that is what actually made this series such a delight.  Watching the colorful cast of Riverdale get viciously murdered by Predator, in Archie’s own art style, is such a contrast that we couldn’t get enough.  Even Sabrina the teenage witch and her trusty cat Salem got an explosive cameo that had us rolling in laughter.  Archie vs Predator was fun in its purest form.


5.  Midnighter (DC Comics)

Midnighter was going to be a bit of a gamble for DC.  Steve Orlando was pretty new to the superhero game when he was brought on to write Wildstorm’s answer to Batman, and the Wildstorm characters were largely pushed into the background after the initial push at the start of the New 52.  But Orlando and his collaborators, especially artist Aco, have made Midnighter brutal and funny in equal measure, with excellent action and fascinating character work.


4.  Deadly Class (Image Comics)

During its second year, every issue of Deadly Class packs  bigger punch then the next.  Marcus and his class have been through the ringer and it isn’t getting better any time soon.  Right after one old grudge gets settled, Marcus was thrust into a new predicament, losing one of his dear friends in the process.  After having to cope through a severe bout of depression, moving on to the next phase at school is brining the biggest, most deadly challenge yet.  The action is some of the most intense out there, but Marcus’s emotional journey this year is what has really got us hooked.


3.  Transformers:  More Than Meets the Eye (IDW Publishing)

As much as we love Transformers, the cartoons are aimed at children, and the writing usually shows that.  But the stories in More Than Meets the Eye have an emotional nuance, the characters have depth and development, and its science fiction is highly intelligent.


2.  Airboy (Image Comics)

James Robinson and Greg Hinkle crafted something really special with Airboy.  A tale that mirrors real life and then goes off the rails, the two are tasked with recreating Airboy for a new generation, only to have writers block until a drug and alcohol fueled night allow the two to meet the golden age hero.  There is plenty of hilarious exaggeration ala Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but behind that is a deeply emotional story of wondering if your best days are behind you and do you have anything left in the tank.  It’s out of left field for sure, but it’s absolutely wonderful.


1.  Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)

Kamala Khan’s series is one of the best superhero books on the stands because it balances the sheer joy of the superhero genre with the pathos and drama of growing up.  There are no shortage of charming superhero comedy books from Marvel nowadays, but Ms. Marvel is not specifically a comedy, which makes it a triumph.  The “Last Days” storyline in particular stands out, as Kamala finally met her idol, Carol Danvers, and learned to cope with some things being out of her control, such as the utter destruction of everything that exists.

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