The Comic Films of 2015

2015 saw only a handful of comic films hit theaters.  Of those, there were some clunkers to be sure, but there were also some fantastic releases.  It brought us heroes, spies, and to a galaxy, far, far away.  We’ve taken a look at the various films of the year and ranked them in our list below.

Not only that but we’re taking a look into our magic ball to predict the future for 2016.  Next year will see the release of multiple comic films and we’re guessing what will make our top five films for next year.  Will we be predicting accurately?  Absolutely no idea, as if we could see the future we would prefer to use those powers on the lottery.  But from what we’ve seen so far, these look to be the best.

Top Films of 2015

5.  Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four was a comic film that came out in 2015.  That is about where the nice things to say about the film come to an end.  With all the drama that came to light from behind the scenes, is it any surprise?  The film was clunky and uninspired.  Possibly its biggest sin?  It adapted Marvel’s first family and it never felt like Marvel’s first family.  It had some great actors but the familial connection just wasn’t there, they just couldn’t replicate the relationships.  That was something at least Fox’s first two outings were able to accomplish, somewhat.  Worst of all it makes us not want another Fantastic Four film, at least for quite some time.


4.  Avengers:  Age of Ultron

When we saw the first Avengers on opening night, we were blown away.  The years of great solo films finally solidified into one amazing team-up that made us want to watch it again and again.  This year after a second round of solo films, the Avengers were back.  There were more of them.  There was more action.  There was more story.  With all of that…eh.  The age-old adage that more is not always better aptly applies.  The action overtook the heart of the original and as great as James Spader’s voice was as Ultron, Ultron was no Loki.  The first time we saw it, sadly we just kept wondering how much longer there was.  After that, we weren’t compelled to go see it in theaters again.


3.  Ant-Man

After Avengers:  Age of Ultron failed to live up to our expectations, we had one more hope this summer, resting in the tiny, tiny hands of Ant-Man.  It had plenty going against it.  Paul Rudd as a superhero?  Hank Pym is an old man?  Even the behind the scenes had some problems with Edgar Wright backing out.  We stayed calm and it was worth it.  It certainly had the heart and humor Age of Ultron was lacking.  Paul Rudd brought great warmth to Scott Lang while also pumping up to fit the physique of the other Marvel heroes.  And while Hank Pym might have been older than in the comics, Michael Douglas did a fantastic job as a mentor to Scott and protective father to Hope.  Of the solo films, it positioned itself on the upper end.


2.  Kingsman:  The Secret Service

Mark Millar’s comic book adaption into film have been a mixed bag.  Wanted was terrible compared to the original source.  Kick-Ass was, well, pretty kick-ass.  Kingsman is even better.  It’s like Bond but has even more action and violence.  The scene in the church?  One of the best action scenes ever.  The movie could have just ended there and we would have been satisfied, but it goes on further for even more goodness.  Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Caine bring some great star power to the film while the younger Taron Egerton really steals the show, with the exception of Firth stealing the movie during the church scene that is.


1.  Star Wars:  The Force Awakens 

Sure, Star Wars is not by exactly a comic book in normal terms.  However, if you think of all the comics based on Star Wars from Dark Horse previously and Marvel now, we think it fits the bill.  With its inclusion, there is no doubt that it was the best comic film of the year.  You can take comic out of that sentence and it still fits the bill.  We had to suffer through sub par prequels, but finally, finally, we’ve seen the light once again!  The new cast does a phenomenal job of creating new characters we already love.  The returning original cast slide back into their old roles like a glove, giving us goose bumps whenever they’re on the screen.  It is a film we could be happy watching a gazillion times and still come back for more.  Well, until Episode VIII hits.

Top Films of 2016?

5.  X-Men:  Apcalypse


4.  Deadpool


3.  Doctor Strange


2.  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


1.  Captain America:  The Winter Soldier


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