Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #1 Capsule Review


Title:  Star Trek:  Starfleet Academy #1

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott

Artist:  Derek Charm

Letterer:  Neil Uyetake

Cover Artist:  Derek Charm;  Jen Bartel;  Elsa Charretier

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Starfleet Academy splits itself into two distinct stories that weave in and out of each other.  The first story brings us to the crew of the Enterprise, during their time at the Academy, before the crew heads to confront Nero in the first film.  It gives us a little more insight on Kirk, Uhura, and Spock’s relationships before officially getting assigned to the Enterprise.  The second story takes place three years later at the Academy and follows Vulcan survivor T’Laan as she debates staying there or rejoining the rest of the Vulcans.  While she wants to leave, one of her professors gives her an option in hopes that T’Laan will reconsider.  Both stories are strong, especially watching the Enterprise crew as they are still developing.  T’Laan and her new potential friends are a diverse cast that leaves plenty of potential.  Still, neither is connected from what we’ve seen, so why even have them cut in and out of one another?  It makes it feel as though IDW wasn’t confident enough to just stick with one or the other for a whole book, and made sure to insert the Enterprise crew into this tale about the new cadets to support it.  Both stories are strong enough on their own, trying to force them together is the only thing that really hurts the experience right now.

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