Judge Dredd #1 Capsule Review


Title:  Judge Dredd #1

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas

Artist:  Dan McDaid

Colorist:  Ryan Hill

Letterer:  Chris Mowry

Cover Artist:  Ulises Farinas and Ryan Hill;  Francesco Francavilla;  Paul Hanley and Simon Gough;  Max Dunbar and Joana Lafuente

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Entering into the next volume of Judge Dredd, our favorite officer finds himself somewhere he is not used to, flung far into a future he hardly recognizes.  We only get slight indications of what sent him here, but watching him try to come to terms with it is the real story.  He tries to take in a few kids for breaking the law, only to find some malfunctioning robots in front of an abandoned mega-block. So far we’re not 100% sold that it is a story worth telling.  The idea has some potential for sure, but right now it doesn’t feel like a game changer enough, especially homing in on a mega-block right off the bat.

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