Star Trek #52 Capsule Review


Title: Star Trek #52

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Mike Johnson

Artist: Tony Shasteen

Colorist: Davide Mastrolonardo

Letterer:  Chris Mowry

Covers: Tony Shasteen;  Dan Parent

Review: ★★★★☆

Now that the two Kirk’s are united, they both have a common goal of wanting their ships back.  To accomplish that, it means that they have to work together, though “evil” Kirk of course can’t be fully trusted.  Meanwhile, the “evil” Spock shows our counterpart how Vulcan is still flourishing in this universe, though this other Spock certainly doesn’t have the sentimentality for family as the other does as witnessed in a powerful scene.  The violent sides of these mirrored versions of the Enterprise crew becomes amplified in the issue for plenty of action and excitement.  With the flip of things, watching a more noble and heroic Kahn was certainly interesting.  Watching the darkness, and goodness, in these characters come out really showed their potential for being villains instead of heroes, and vice versa.  If anything we would have loved to see further personal moments between each crew member to their doppelgänger, beyond just Kirk and Spock.  Alas, in three issues there is only so much they can show and they packed plenty into this event.

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