X-O Manowar: Commander Trill #0


Title:  X-O Manowar:  Commander Trill #0

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Robert Venditti

Artist:  Francis Portela

Inker:  BIT

Colorist:  Andrew Dalhouse

Letterer:  Dave Sharpe

Cover Artist:  Phil Jimenez and Ulises Arreola;  Card Nord;  David Lafuente and Brian Reber

Review:  ★★★☆☆

One of the next big villains rising in the Valiant Universe is the long stranded Commander Trill of the Vine.  As he is readying for a bigger presence in several books, this one-shot gives us a look at his origin, from childhood to his present state.  We come to learn that from an early age he became fascinated with the armor, specifically the idea that he was the worthy one it was waiting for.  While this already kept him agressive and a little unbalanced, having Aric successfully bond with the armor certainly gave Trill a reason to truly hate the Visigoth warrior.  Since he is quickly becoming an important figure, we appreciate seeing his background, though it only partially works.  Trill had a singular objective in his head for his entire life which failed to really give him any more depth than what we have already seen.  A full story dedicated to the character had a great oppurtunity to make us really care about him, yet we left feeling the same as before.

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