D4ve2 #4 Capsule Review


Title:  D4ve2 #4

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Ryan Ferrier

Artist:  Valentin Ramon

Cover Artist:  Valentin Ramon

Review:  ★★★★☆

A trip to the past when humans were still alive makes D4ve continue to question his existence, especially one that has been focused on destruction.  While he wants to stop the humans from being killed, time travel won’t work that way for him, meaning all he can do is try to make things better in the future.  He gets the chance to do just that by repairing the relationship with his son and making sure the past never is forgotten.  The issue balances an interesting mix, its existential and deep but still manages to work in the absurd humor we love the series for.  Will this be the final time we see D4ve?  We’re sure Ferrier and Ramon could always return once again and we would be happy for more.  At the same time, they did a fantastic job of completing D4ve’s journey to the point where we can be completely fine if this is the last time we see this wonderful robot.

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