Supergirl: How Does She Do It? Review

  • Episode:  How Does She Do It? (S01E05)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆


No. Really. How does she do it? This episode deals with most superhero situations where a hero can’t be in two places at once. Kara has a difficult time dealing with trying to be Kara and Supergirl.

The episode begins with a bomb going off in a building. It’s a fantastic sequence where Supergirl saves the day. I always enjoy when Kara uses her powers to the extreme. The show presents them in way they should be done. Which means somebody did their homework;  thanks CBS.  Just so long as she doesn’t reverse time by spinning the planet backward, that would be failing homework. Our bomber is eventually discovered and there’s a subplot which could be one of the season’s big villains. The character Maxwell Lord has appeared in earlier episodes and he’s played well once again by Peter Facinelli.


One of the things that keeps Kara on the move is that she volunteers to watch Cat Grant’s son. It’s nice to believe that Cat Grant has ties to a family life that we have hardly seen so far. Cat’s son is also obsessed with Supergirl and has a little crush. He has an opportunity to see both Kara and Supergirl in person. Teenagers aren’t totally stupid so you might think he would recognize Kara outside her super suit. There’s a sequence where Kara has to pick up Cat’s son at school and she flies there from saving the building. Let’s get this straight.  She flew there. How is she supposed to get the boy back to where they were going with out a car?


The story also has several other subplots occurring. Hank Henshaw deactivates one of the bombs with his powers. It’s been speculated that Hank might actually be this world’s Martian Manhunter. Considering he’s hunting the aliens on Earth, it’s make a little sense. Plus a little battle royale at the end of the season would be cool.

Another story line is Jimmy Olsen’s love life. He recently dated Lucy Lane in Metropolis.  Jimmy’s feelings for her are slightly conflicted considering his obvious attraction to Kara. Jimmy is played by Mechad Brooks, who does a great job of pulling off Superman’s pal.

It has a lot of moving parts this week, but balances everything out nicely.  While some of the plot twists were a little boring and had some problems, but overall CBS continues to show they know how to handle the property.



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