Kidrobot Mega Man Mini Series Review

Manufacture: Kidrobot

MSRP: $11.99

Figure Count: 14

Series: Mega Man

Review: ★★★★★


While the official release happened early this year, we finally got out hands on one of our most anticipated Kidrobot lines, their Capcom licensed Mega Man 3-Inch Mini Series.  Considering most of us grew up playing, and worshipping, the original Mega Man on the NES, it is fair to say we had high expectations for this line.  We can tell you right away, our expectations were easily meet and exceeded by the time we unwrapped our first figure.

The series falls in line with most of Kidrobot’s mini figure lines, meaning that these come in blind boxes.  You have 14 figures to collect, all with different per box ratios.  To us, this is super exciting as there is nothing like that anticipation of wondering who you have inside.  It’s like Schrödinger’s cat at its best, except you are guaranteed to get a badass Mega Man figure pulled no matter what.  Of course the downside comes from collecting purposes when you want them all and keep pulling duplicates.  That’s where trading with fellow fans and collectors comes in!

For their first series on the property, Kidrobot wisely chose to stick with the first game that started it all.  That means we get figures of all the bosses, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Devil, and naturally Mega Man himself, with four variants to grab.  Limiting the lineup to just one game means it is able to actually be fully encompassing.  Would we have liked a Proto Man mini figure?  Sure, but that could have taken away a spot from one of the bosses and we are more than happy we can get them all.

The figures themselves have a fairly typical mold design for their bodies, but then have unique molds for their heads.  Those who have accessories included really pop out, such as Cut Man having his rolling cutter and Bomb Man having his hyper bomb.  It is hard to really capture the look of an 8-bit game in a figure, but the mixture Kidrobot stuck with looks like a combination of the original and the remake Mega Man Powered Up.  Either way, they did a fantastic job giving the figures the feel of their video game counterparts.

What we always love about anything Kidrobot releases is the quality of the work.  Beyond just the molds themselves, the figures have a solid wait to them that really makes them feel like collectibles and not cheap toys.  While the characters themselves lead towards having basic paint jobs, the vinyl coloring and paint they used is solid.  From the four we pulled, their were very little paint problems.  That is not to say there were not a smudge or two on one of our figures, but in general they were very smooth lines that made them look incredible.

Any fan of Mega Man should have no excuse not to be picking up at least a few of these.  They are phenomenal figures that will really pop alongside your toy collection or anywhere they are.  Those who are fans of urban vinyl should still love these as they would like great standing beside anything you have.  Mega Man is one of the best video game series out there and this line makes sure to live up to that legend and reputation we grew up on.

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