The Flash: Enter Zoom Review

  • Episode: Enter Zoom (S02E06)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


The Flash has helped the ratings of the CW immensely. The show is action packed and has a decent amount drama to push the show to certain amount of likability for any non-comic book viewer. The latest episode puts Barry and the gang up with the task of capturing Professor Zoom and is certainly action packed.

The truth, team Flash know very little about Zoom except what Jay and Wells have told them. We just know that he’s obsessed with the speed force. The team comes up with a crazy plan to capture Zoom by using Linda Park as bait. The whole set up was doomed from the start. Needless to say, Barry gets his butt eventually handed to him by Zoom after being overly confident.

As the viewer we root for our hero, but it would have seemed to easy to beat Zoom this early in the season, so we knew that wasn’t happening. The writers had to set up a means for Barry to learn from his mistakes. One of the dumbest mistakes he makes as well is to not tell his current love interest, Patty, about his secret as the Flash. It’s never something that ends well. She’s a freaking detective, so she should eventually figure it out.

The Flash -- "Enter Zoom" -- Image FLA206A_0378b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Zoom and Grant Gustin as The Flash -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The episode also brings out the multiple internal conflicts with the team. Harrison versus Cisco, Joe versus Harrison, and Barry versus everyone.  The team finally gets to find out some of Well’s true motivations. They start to finally treat him as though they really understand this is not the old Wells they used to know. I still enjoy the character so I hope he has no evil motivations in the end.

We always want more while trying to figure out what was going to happen next. With the multiverse the possibilities are endless and they have been doing plenty to keep things interesting. The downside is that the Flash will eventually run out of villains to fight at the rate they are going. Granted, he could fight Captain Cold every week and we probably wouldn’t mind. Zoom, though, is the ultimate villain and he has all the momentum going his way, especially with how the episode ended.  While we know the ending won’t be permanent, it definitely makes us curious for how Barry will recover from this one.


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