Supergirl: Fight or Flight Review

  • Episode: Fight or Flight (S01E03)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


Note:  Being the first time we’ve had the chance to review Supergirl, we look into the series so far during this review.

Supergirl is a solid show. It knows it’s audience. It accepts that Superman does coexist in the world that they have created. It’s not as dark as Arrow or too over-the-top-good like The Flash. The downside is that it almost plays like a super powered dramedy. It has moments of humor plus some decent action sequences of super hero goodness. We know where Kara comes from, we have heard the store before, so why again?


Berlanti Productions has put together this DC goodness. They are also responsible for Arrow and the Flash. Supergirl gives them a good tone to work. Fight or Flight deals with Kara’s  identity as “Supergirl”. She has to be her own superhero and not live in Superman’s shadow. The show does a great job of tying both worlds together. The writers even drop Jimmy Olsen into the setting to ground the concept of Superman and give Kara her own story. She even gets to battle one of Superman’s villains with some decent resolve.


Melissa Benoist plays an excellent Kara Danvers/Supergirl. She has the look and the perkiness to pull off a Clark Kent type disguise. One of the best things of the show is Callista Flockhart playing Cat Grant. She comes off like Meryl Streep in a Devil wears Prada. She’s kinda the good bad guy on the show.  Cat runs a major multi-media company which she built from the grow up. There is also a secret government agency that has been protecting the planet from aliens. The excuse was created when Superman made his appearance. Kara’s sister happens to be of the agency too. The leader happens to be Hank Henshaw who ended up being a Superman villain in the books back in the 90’s. The show also has moments of Superman being mentioned and it’s actually touching when Kara is instant messaging Clark.


I believe the show is off to a good start but needs to keep developing an overarching plot. Let’s hope it has the lasting power as Arrow and Flash. They also brought in Helen Slater and Dean Cain to play her parents which is a great sign. I hope you know your Super History with those two names as they are always welcome in Superman/Supergirl lore.

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