Gotham: Tonight’s the Night Review

  • Episode: Tonight’s the Night (S02E08)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆


Gotham has been moving along at a decent pace recently and this week everyone gets their turn.

Tonight’s the Night is Barbara’s time to shine. It’s about time they give her something to do.  She’s been window dressing for far too long:  Galavan and his sister’s play thing, not much else. It also provides tension between Gordon and Lee, because no one is truly happy in Gotham. The show starts off proving how crazy Barbara actually is with this insane dream she has. It turns out to be a simple premonition of things to come. Galavan sends Barbara off to kill Gordon. It’s an obvious trap heading to a predictable end.

In the process Galavan attempts to convince Bruce out of his family business. He uses an obvious device to get Bruce to sell. It’s an excellent test of Bruce’s convictions of what is right and wrong in the world of Gotham. Both events are tied together and seem to end to easily. Let’s say with every rise there is a fall.  Unfortunately Galavan used a fairly dumb ploy that was bound to fail when he was making progress anyways.


Edward gets some quality screen time as he is trying to tie up his own loose ends. The Riddler never really seemed to be a killer to me but it’s interesting to see how fragile his mental state can actually be. Eddie ends up having to cover up more bodies than you thought he would. The best part is the end;  let’s just say team-ups are a good thing.  We get the return of one of our damaged bad guys.


The show is about to take its winter break and it should be interesting to see how they move on with the rest of the show.  Will Galavan’s story be wrapped up by then?  We definitely won’t mind to see him leave as he has played out his welcome in our mind and has no where else to go.

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