Arrow: Haunted Review

Episode: Haunted (S04E05)

Review:  ★★★☆


I admit, I haven’t been a huge fan of what Arrow has been dealing out recently. The whole concept of bringing Sara back to life with the Lazarus Pit has been a pain. It’s predictable and tired, but all good things come from a team-up.

Sara has life, but she has no soul. Our wonderful Arrow writers have managed find a way to bring her soul back with help from our old friend Constantine. Matt Ryan returns as our favorite magic hunter from his NBC role. A funny thing once Oliver contacts him; he still has the ability to travel from one place to another in amazing time. His presence justifies the whole concept of magic in this version of the DC Universe.

The resolution is interesting and brings our team closer together. The whole sequence is fantastic and includes some cool music from the Constantine show. The one liners he drops are well within the character that Matt Ryan created, plus includes an inside poke at NBC for cancelling Constantine earlier this year.


The show’s flashbacks even have a closer tie to the episode than usual. Oliver is currently spying on a group of mercenaries. It seems the local bad guys have caught someone else. Constantine shows up on the island looking for some magical artifact. The set up allows the plausibility that Oliver and John know each other in the future. It works really well, even if you have to allow the stretch of them conveniently meeting there.


The other plots occurring in the show include Ray Palmer’s disappearance, Diggle’s brother, Captain Lance’s ties with Darke, and Oliver’s run for mayor. It all very well done and will help build the story and build up to Legend’s of Tomorrow.  Of course Constantine’s return was what really made the episode.  We just hope this allows him to make more apperances in the future.

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