Tales From The Borderlands – A Telltale Game Series Review

  • Publisher: 2k Games
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • MSRP: Each Episode: $4.99, Season Pass: $19.99
  • Rated: M
  • Platforms: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam, Mobile
  • Rating: ★★★★★

(Editor’s Note: This review is a complete full season review for the game entirely.)

Tales From the Borderlands from the start gave me, as a longtime fan of Borderlands, a real treat. While it isn’t the fast-paced 4-player co-op adventure RPG from previous installments in the series, Tales From the Borderlands provides a great fan service and more.  Telltale Games prove once again they know how to tell a great story to play through and can provide you with even more replay value than you would think.

One thing I can be honest about when it comes down to this game is the impact it had on me as a longtime fan of the Borderlands series.  The set pieces and the cell-shaded graphics still made me feel like I was playing a true to its core Borderlands title. The first episode of the game does mainly what it should to help get the ball rolling; introduce characters, plot lines, and get choices started early. As with what Telltale Games other titles, you know immediately every piece of dialogue, choices, actions, and more have a significant outcome along the rest of your journey. We start out by meeting Rhys, a Hyperion executive who is looking to make it big and is captured within minutes of the game. Upon being captured you learn that most of the game is played in a flashback told by Rhys and your other protagonist Fiona, a con artist who is looking to strike it rich who in turn was also captured. They both interweave to tell the tale of their elaborate heist.

Gameplay is pretty simple to understand; button commands allow you to make choices based on conversation and items that you can interact with in the world. One big change from the usual collecting of items is to solve small puzzles and the money system which Fiona can use. You can interact with the world by using cash to bribe your way through guards, etc. Rhys has his own special ability as well using his echo-eye. Essentially this ability allows him to scan the environment around him to solve puzzles. Along the way of solving puzzles, you meet plenty of interesting and memorable characters, old and new. Classic characters such as Scooter and even vault hunters that you played as in the original titles make their appearances.

What I loved most about the story Telltale Games put together was by the time the credits rolled, I was wanting more. The humor that Borderlands is known for is definitely present. While you could be having plenty of fun just with the humor, the story lines that are possible based on your choices and plot twists sure knew how to leave me in shock and awe. I really enjoyed experimenting with my choices in the game. Who will I upset? Who will live and who will die because of my choices? Some of the actions I chose and the character reactions really made me love these characters even more.  There were times I became upset, but I knew I had to live with my actions for better or worse and in there lies the charm.

Tales from the Borderlands is an incredible experience, even for people who are not a fan of the series. It has humor, heart and a great story with unique ideas for the Borderlands experience. It also has a great reply value for those who want to see all the what if’s the game has to offer.  Once again Telltale Games serves up an amazing experience you won’t soon to forget.

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