Star Wars Rebels: Battle Plans From Darth Vader Review


Title:  Star Wars Rebels:  Battle Plans From Darth Vader

Publisher:  Put Me In The Story

Review:  ★★★☆☆

With Star Wars:  The Force Awakens fast approaching, if you’re like us, you can’t get enough Star Wars merchandise right now.  We must own everything Star Wars we see, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese included.  While that cheesy goodness is hard to beat, Put Me In the Story has another option which is quite a bit more exciting.  They have released two new personalized book options to feed into our Star Wars unending appetite.  The first book looks towards animated fans with Star Wars Rebels:  Battle Plans From Darth Vader.  You are inserted as Darth Vader’s latest apprentice with the choice to destroy the Rebels or betray Darth Vader and join them.

If you are not familiar with Put Me In The Story, when you order a book, either for yourself or as a gift, you submit a picture of the intended recipient and include their personal information such as name and address.  By doing this, the picture and name are used inside the book to completely immerse you so that it really feels like you are receiving intel from Darth Vader himself.

The intel you receive inside the book is presented as Vader summarizing for you each character in Star Wars Rebels.  Along with their background, he includes battle tips for facing each Rebel.  Following each character’s page, you are than asked a series of questions that will actually having you write inside the book, such as what is their greatest strength, how will you defend against that strength, what is their weakness, and so on.  You will go through this for Ezra, Kanan, Sabine, Hera, C1-10p, Zeb, and Ahsoka.  While kids should certainly having a blast filling out the information to further customize their book, adults will still have plenty of fun themselves, even if they might be more reluctant to write in their beautiful new book.

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The one premise were Battle Plans From Darth Vader falters is in choosing to help Vader or stand against him.  In the beginning of the book you receive a “communication” from Commander Sato who informs you he intercepted these plans, but wants you to study them in case they are helpful to the Rebel cause.  After you make your “Battle Plans” for each Rebel, you open to a page that has a letter from Sato, asking if you will help the Rebels in defeating Vader, followed directly by a page from Vader telling you that you are ready to defeat them, both on the same spread.  This really takes away from making a choice mean anything.  What would have been preferable is including a last page on how to defeat Vader from the Rebels perspective, which would have made it feel like you choosing had an impact.  Having only two pages devoted to not serving Vader made them feel unnecessary.

Throwing in the choice to join Vader or fight him is thrown in haphazardly which take you out of the experience quite a bit.  It doesn’t help that Put Me Inside The Story nailed it perfectly with Star Wars:  The Force Inside.  Even so, it still is a very unique gift that actually has Darth Vader talking to you. Star Wars Rebels:  Battle Plans From Darth Vader is going to excite any Star Wars fan, young or old, who will find this as a great addition to their collection.

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