Yu-Gi-OH! Legacy of the Duelist Review

  • Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Developer: Other Ocean
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Rated: E 10+
  • Release Date: July 31st, 2015
  • Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

Every so often a YU-GI-OH! game launches and we can already know what to expect.  Duels, collecting cards, building a deck, and then going through and showing your skills to the world. Such ideas have been implemented through the many years of different YU-GI-OH! trading card game video games on various platforms throughout the years.  This year’s installment of the franchise plays not only with those ideas, but also creates a full campaign and extra features to make this a great installment in the series.

The first thing of note is how much more in-depth the four campaigns are. (Five if you count the single duel you get to do in the ARC-V story). The four campaigns are presented through the shows massive history over the years. There is the standard one that started it all to the GX series, the 5D’S series and the Zexal series, each with their own cards. You will play through almost all of the big famous duels from the show, such as Yugi VS Pegasus for the end of season 1 to Jaden from GX defeating Crowler from the 1st season of GX. You can choose to use either your story based deck which the character uses from that episode or choose to use your own built deck from the cards you earn from within the game.

Each deck is not the same, though there isn’t always the same set of cards from a duel as Yugi to the next duel again as Yugi. Key cards that were featured from the show will have to be used in strategy to defeat your opponent, because a lot of the same tricks from those characters will be used against you in this game. That makes it very challenging if you’re using the story deck chosen for you and can really make you think whether you are making the right move as you live throughout Duel Monsters history.

As you progress through the game’s campaign modes, you unlock cash to buy card packs. All have been randomized based off which generation you choose and then can be used to build your deck and go online from there. Or if you are wondering how you stack up with a random deck, you can choose sealed play mode where you choose packs of cards and the game will build a deck from that.

The game also throws in the new Pendulum Monsters and their summons. With those new sets of rules, and even the older rules, everything can be easily explained in the tutorials from basics, to how to XYZ Summon. The current limited and banned lists apply in online duels, but not in casual play in single player. That means you can throw the 3 Monster Reborn cards you earned to try to breeze by single player and just unlock more cards.  However, I found it more fun and challenging to use the story decks.

YU-GI-OH! Legacy of the Duelist is a great duel simulator for the trading card game. There have been plenty of games based on the series, but this adds in plenty to keep things fresh and exciting.  With plenty of modes to play and plenty of cards to unlock, this is a great game to kick back and relax with whether you were a fan or are a newcomer to the series.

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