The Flash: Family of Rogues Review

Episode: Family of Rogues (S02E03)

Review:  ★★★★☆


The Flash show has grounded itself in strong family themes. Barry’s entire goal in the first season was to clear his dad’s name and find his mother’s real murderer. Family of Rogues is no different in regards to those themes, but there is a twist.

We get to meet Captain Cold’s father, who happens to be played by Michael Ironside. The man plays the role so totally sinister. Mr. Snart has found a not so great way to get Leonard to do his bidding. It’s clever, because Barry discovers Captain Cold’s true weakness. Barry gets to see some of the dark side of a bad father for himself. The ending becomes somewhat predictable, but necessary to add to the rocky relationship that Barry and Leonard have.


The biggest family matter in the episode is between Joe and Iris. Even though Joe is a police officer, he does have some skeleton’s in his past regarding Iris’s mother. Mrs. West has returned from a self imposed exile. She’s seeking a renewed relationship with her daughter. Jesse Martin should be properly recognized for his touching performance when he has to come to terms with Iris about her mother’s return. It really shows how well the writers have developed the character. It should be interesting to see where they take this plot line.


The other plot happening in this episode is the “Flash” team’s quest to close the 52 portals opened by the singularity. It’s the writers way to: 1; give Jay Garrick something to do on Earth 1, and 2; connect the Flash with other parts of the DC universe. Jay spends most of the episode building the portal that will tie Earth 1 and Earth 2 together. The downside of creating a doorway is that it swings both ways. Of course something comes out for the other side. It’s all meant to build up to the debut of the Legends of Tomorrow.

Relationships were the main focus this week and it developed those beautifully. The characters really had a chance to grow while it drew some great performances from the actors. I hope we will get some meta battle goodness in upcoming episodes, but this still had tons of heart instead of action.


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