Street Fighter V Second Beta Impressions

So far during this second beta test for Street Fighter V, I can fully say I am impressed. Granted, this is just a beta and the full range of features and characters will be available later on when the game is fully released. Yet getting back into the swing of things for Street Fighter was like riding a bicycle.

As a big fighting game fan, where I spent most of fighting game time this year on Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter V is much faster paced. The biggest factor of this is the V Trigger meter. This meter is in replace of the Ultra Combo meter from Ultra Street Fighter 4. Instead of pulling off a super move, this meter is charged as your meter goes down and can be used to power up your standard attacks to pull off faster combos and even more crazy attacks. A big example of this is the difference between how Ken utilizes the V Trigger to gain flame fist punches, kick combos, and speed, R. Mika uses her V Trigger to bring in a partner of hers to start a big combo to help pull herself out of a slump if done in the correct way.

Online gameplay for the matches work tremendous. I was playing against players from all over the world, with absolutely no lag play. I was very happy to see this after all the problems that Capcom and many players experienced from the first beta test. Granted, I wish I could experience the previous fighters from the 1st beta test; at least the four characters Ken, R. Mika, Nicalli, and Vega sure keep the beta very balanced. If I lose a fight I can only blame myself. It has perfect 60 Fps with dedicated servers and great easy to pick up gameplay for beginners while also containing new skills for veteran players to master.

The Street Fighter V 2nd beta test has been successful so far. This beta is obviously just a small part of Capcom’s next-gen fighter of one of the most beloved fighting series of all time, it still gets me excited. Not just as a Street Fighter fan, but also a fighting game fan in general. The new ideas, and I guess you could call arcade style fast paced gameplay. is already taking me by storm again.

What do you think of the Street Fighter V beta?  Let us know in the comments if you have had a chance to try it out! For more on Street Fighter V and the review coming in March keep it here at First Appearance Comics and Games.


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