Arrow: The Candidate Review


  • Episode: The Candidate (S04E02)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


Politics can tend to make the best people heroes. Oliver and Thea spend most of this episode protecting a family friend that has decided to run for mayor. It’s not really the best idea in Starling City. Remember most of the city leaders were killed in the first episode.

The candidate is played by Jeri Ryan of Star Trek fame. It’s good to see her outside the borg outfit. It all leads up to something that the Green Arrow did in the comics. It’ll make our hero a politician on a much larger scale, assuming it gets to play out. It also introduced another villain from the comics in a good way.

Felicity gets to deal with her own office politics as she gets put in the position to downsize.  The problem is, do we really care what happens to the company with Ray out of the picture.arrowfelicity

Oliver also has some sister issues going on to deal with. It seems Thea’s dip into the Lazarus Pit has altered her blood lust. This is good;  it ups the action in the show. It also gives other characters some ideas that are the ground work for the Legends of Tomorrow series.

Plus, Diggle keeps bringing up the HIVE. The HIVE can end up being bad ass do e properly, so I can’t wait.  It also should give Diggle a fairly meaty role in the near future, beyond just being angry at Oliver.


I also feel Oliver’s reluctance to return to the mantle of the Green Arrow. Even with his speech from last week he struggles with everything that’s going on. We also get more flash back story with Oliver returning to the island. It seems tired and worn out that we have to experience thing whole thing again.

The episode definitly laid the foundation for several things to come later this season.  It had a few hiccups (drop the flashback sequences already!) but for the majority it cranked the action up and retained our attention throughout.


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