The Flash: Flash of Two Worlds Review

  • Episode: Flash of Two Worlds (S02E02)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆


The Flash mythos continue into a much deeper science fiction area with the appearance of Jay Garrick. Jay is a Flash from another world, or for comic fans, the original Flash. He is an excellent mentor to Barry’s younger Flash. Granted it takes sometime for Barry to trust Jay. Simply because Jay says he’s who he is doesn’t mean he can be trusted right off the bat. Barry is going through a trust no one phase after Harrison Wells and the writers use this to help the character grow. This all begins the start of the multi-verse.


Like any other episode we have a nifty new bad guy that forces Barry to use the speed force in a different way. This week we get Sand Demon. At first glance I thought Sand Demon was Sandman, but wrong universe though the mistake could be easy to make. They come up with a really cool new power to defeat Sand Demon which helps Barry continue his journey of growth and discovery. The best part of the set up for the battle is that Barry and Jay suit up together, truly an awesome moment.


The writers are creating new ways to build on Barry’s personality, since of course it would be nice our character would grow a little. His supporting continue to show Barry what he needs to grow as a superhero.The addition of Patty Spivot hopefully allows us the possibility of more “Flash” speedsters.  Once again The Flash builds more on the mythos from the comics to prove it is one of the best shows out there.

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