Gotham: Strike Force Review

  • Episode: Strike Force (S02E04)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

It’s official, Gotham has just gotten really good.  HOW? The addition of Michael Chiklis as Captain Nathaniel Barnes has just made the show ten times more intense. The guy plays the new Captain of the GCPD and he has a plan to turn things around in Gotham.  The title of the show is Strike Force so you can imagine what he has in mind.

Gordon gets the privilege of running the new task force. He seems relieved about Barnes’s, finally having someone wanting to clean up Gotham as he has been trying to do. Gordon’s past will probably come into a clash with Barnes’s agenda at some point.

Hopefully our fan base knows of Chiklis’s back ground:  Seven years on the Shield, a phenomenal series, and The Thing of Fantastic Four fame to show his comic book background. I can’t wait to see how he is used on the show as he already made quite an impact.


We get to see some of Theo Galavan’s plan become more clear.  I hate to say it though, his plan seems like a plot out of Robocop. He even manages to get the Penguin involved in his “evil” plot. I think I have a serious problem with this story is that fact that most of Gotham is corrupt anyways and Theo is a billionaire. Why doesn’t he just buy the people he is trying to control. It seems evil for evil sake or Theo’s sense of what’s right.  He is the new main villain but he and his motivations are still one of the weakest parts of this new season.


The episode gives us further insight into Nygma’s splitting personality. Eddie finally has the quirky date we should all have expected, as his dominant personality takes control. It’s Gotham so we know the happy ending for Nygma isn’t really going to be possible, but this split personality is an interesting choice we are willing to go along with for now.


For Bruce’s part, he and Alfred have a heart to heart with Galavan. They go to dinner to thank Theo for saving Bruce’s life during last episode’s mayhem. More importantly we get our first look at Silver St. Cloud. If your aware of Batman’s love life, Silver happens to be significant in Bruce’s life. They become school mates so we will get to see much more of her.


Rise of the Villains is turning out to be really excellent entrance into the Batman lore.  At this point you have to get past that his world is much different than the comics.  As long as you can get past that, the series really is doing some exciting things with these iconic characters, Galavan excluded.

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