Arrow: Green Arrow Review

  • Episode: Green Arrow (S04E01)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

Arrow has always been about the choices that people make for the greater good. When we last saw Oliver and Felicity they were driving off into the sunset to have a perfect life. It was a perfect ending to the show that could have ended for good. We don’t want the show to end.  How do you bring back a hero that doesn’t want to be a hero?  Actually it’s pretty easy; create a new bad guy and new way to save the city. Oliver has to make a choice to decide whether he should retreat to the dark or come out into the light.


Neal McDonough returns to comic fame playing the new villain of the season, Damien Darhk. He is always a welcome actor to chew up some scenery. Right off that bat, Mr. Darhk doesn’t hide what he can do. The guy has some weird magical vodoo. Darhk’s goal is uncertain at the moment and he has some unexpected help too.


When Oliver finally returns, he does it finally as the Green Arrow; it’s one of those moments that makes the back of hair stand up on end. The speech that the writer puts together for his reveal is amazing. It’s exciting that the show has returned. Granted Felicity has been secretly helping the team while her and Oliver were gone.


The writers also return us to Oliver’s flashbacks from when he was away. There’s a little easter egg in one of the scenes, I hope you see it. I have never been a fan of the flashback because they have already established who Oliver is, but at this point we are never going to get rid of them.  Beyond the flashbacks getting a little overdone at this point, the show’s return was spot on and promises things will get done a little different from now on by team Arrow.

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