TV News: Marvel Netflix Series Will Be In Cinematic Universe

Have you been wondering as we have whether or not the new Marvel Netflix series will be in their own universe, or in the same as the movies and Agents of S.H.I.L.D.?  Well you need no longer wonder, Joe Quesada confirmed that the four Netflix series (and one hopefully awesome Defenders miniseries) will be in Marvel’s own cinematic universe.  This does not mean that they will have the same feel as the other movies and show, as these are street level characters that will have darker stories to tell.  It was also confirmed just like the normal Netflix series, the season will be dropped at once for our binge watching fix.  Now what we want to know, will be see some movie cameos pop up in these series?  Or Coulson?  The Hulk could drop by to smash some things in the Defenders, it would make us very happy!

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