The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City Review

  • Episode:  The Man Who Saved Central City (S02E01)
  • Review:  ★★★★★

Finally our favorite speedster returns to the airways and is already off to a phenomenal start.  The end of the first season gave us a Crisis on Infinite Earths feel where Barry was running so fast that he could stop the “singularity”. The first episode opens up with Barry and Central City surviving the crisis. It even gives us the impression that everything ended up better than it should have. Our hero’s actions are well-earned. The events of the first season finale were not all his fault, but the choices of those involved.


The writer’s decide to have a Flash Day to give our hero the key to the city. It shows that some heroes do not have to live in the shadows. Of course things cannot just stay perfect for Barry as Atom-Smasher makes his first appearance on the show. He’s an awesome bad guy that does give the scarlet speedster a run for his money. Granted some of the effects are a little goofy, but they work well enough for a show. His appearance does bring about the hopeful big bad on the season. Professor Zoom (another version of Reverse Flash) will cause some serious issues for the Flash.


The primary plot line for the first season is finally resolved at the end of the show. Without letting everyone in on the secret, the ending is touching. It is one of the reasons I believe the Flash is one of the best shows on television.  It also gives more of an ending for Wells even though it’s a time paradox. We also get a glimpse of another good guy which was foreshadowed in the last season.



The show brought us to a great place, having successfully finished the last threads from last season, but also gave us plenty to get excited about.  The first season of The Flash was already fantastic.  Judging from the first episode of its second season, we are going to be in for a treat again.

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