C2E2: Marvel: Spider-Verse Panel

It won’t be here until November, but Marvel is already in full swing in promoting their next big Spider-Man event, Spider-Verse that will take place in Amazing Spider-Man.  Senior Editor Nick Lowe hosted the panel of Editor Jordan D. White, James Robinson, Johnathan Hale Fialkov, Ramon Perez, and Mark Waid.

With Amazing Spider-Man #1 launching next week, that was the first topic of discussion.  Electro and the Black Cat will be the two villains featured for the first arc.  Silk, the new character who was also bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter many years ago will be introduced in the first issue, before being fully explored in the Original Sin tie-in issues.

Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 and #1.2 will be used to fill in the gaps of when Peter first gained his powers.  They are not trying redo his origin, just show events that we never had the chance to see, such as more of his personal life and even Uncle Ben’s funeral.  It will also introduce a new, old villain for Spider-Man who is supposed to be the first villain Peter ever faced, Clash.  He is a younger teenager as Peter was and used sound based powers.  He will later be seen in Amazing Spider-Man, showing where he has been all these years.

They quickly touched upon the Spider-Man digital Infinite comic, Spider-Man:  Who Am I.  Iron Man will make an appearance in the series.  Spider-Man 2099’s new series was shown with a few pieces of art.  The OGN Spider-Man Family Business was broached on, with Mark Waid saying the idea came from Steve Wacker for him to do a Spider-Man story in this format.

Taking a break from Spider-Man and jumping to his friend and ally Daredevil, Mark Waid talked about what was coming up in that series.  The Owl is going to be the big villain for now, having already established himself as the crime kingpin of San Francisco.  The Owl is much stronger than before, having new powers that have not been seen.  What happened to Foggy Nelson will be revealed in issue #5.  The book will then move to the Original Sin tie-ins.

To close the panel, they quickly showed panels from Spider-Verse.  On Free Comic Book Day, the issue will have a story setting Spider-Verse up.

The Q&A followed.

Which Spider-Man is each panelists favorite Spider-Man?  Nick Lowe’s was Spider-Man from the 90’s animated series, James Robinson responded Ben Reilly, Ramon Perez said the electric company Spider-Man, Jordan D. White’s was Ben Reilly as well, and finally Mark Waid said Miles Morales.

How much input does Marvel have over the Spider-Man movies?  Virtually none.

Has Waid been asked to help with the Daredevil Netflix series?  No, but he would love to.

Will the female Spider characters be included in Spider-Verse as well?  Yes, all of them will.

Will there be a sequel to Spider-Man Family Business?  Waid said as long as the sales are good.

Will the Japanese Spider-Man be in Spider-Verse?  They believe he will.

Will Spider-Verse have Ben Reilly in it?  Yes, he will be, but that doesn’t mean he will make it through the event.

Will Spider-Men 2 and Spider-Verse be connected?  It will be in a sense, but otherwise no real direct connection.

Would the new villain Clash face the symbiotes, considering his sound powers?  They loved the idea, but it is not something they have planned.

Will Scarlet Spider play a role in Spider-Verse?  Kaine will have a large part throughout the arc, especially the first issue.

Will Peter incorporate any of Doc Ock’s costume modifications into his own suit?  They said not for now as Peter will have a lot of things to catch up on from being away, but they teased an image hinting someone else might be wearing that suit.



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