ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times Review


Title: ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Andrew MacGlean

Artist:  Andrew MacGlean

Cover: Andrew MacGlean

Review: ★★★★☆

I will admit that when this title came across my desk, I was skeptical. The biggest lesson one continues to learn as a comic book fan is that one should never judge a book by its cover. I picked up many an issue with amazing covers that disappointed me from beginning to end. We all know that covers are used to sell books and it works especially when it’s a variant cover. Yet most of us are not actually collectors.

ApocalyptiGirl is one of the those comic books that will surprise you. The cover doesn’t pop out at you and I assumed it was an artsy book that get all kinds of great reviews by non-traditional comic book readers. The cover by the writer/artist Andrew MacGlean is simple and clean but not anything to write home about. I have to also admit that I waited to read this one after I read everything else. I enjoyed it so much, I read it twice back to back. I am completely unfamiliar with MacGlean, but I was left impressed.

The beginning of the story is quaint. Many will find the rapport between Aria and her cat, Jelly Beans, cute. However, there is an underlying story behind it all. MacGlean keeps the mystery going for quite some time but draws the reader in with the protagonist who is really interesting. The reader dives into this world and MacGlean does a great job giving the reader a well-rounded tour. I enjoy the idea that although the world is very post apocalyptic, the technology is futuristic. MacGlean moves the story along to keep the reader wondering the time this takes place. MacGlean’ writing shines throughout especially when he throws a plot twist or three into the mix. The climax moves quickly and it all comes to head at the end. I love that Aria despite her circumstances, is carefree. She is on a mission but there is no urgency in her approach to it. When it is time to Aria to respond to a threat, she does so with ease. I quickly fell in love with this character and was immediately tied to the story. While the story is about Aria and her cat, it’s about how important social interaction is for humanity. At least that’s what I got out of it.

The artwork is superb. It’s different but you can see the influences throughout the story. I enjoyed it tremendously because it’s something I am just not used to. The action scenes are fluid. MacGlean can draw landscapes as well as quick and nasty action scenes. The colors are not as bright but this works well with the story. It makes perfect sense. Much of the story takes place on an Earth we know and may have forgotten and then ends up in space.

Overall MacGlean pulls it off lovely. Again, I quickly fell in love with the protagonist which not all writers can successfully pull off. I know the story ended but I still hope to see more because it was so good. If not, I shall continue to check for MacGlean’s stories in the future because.

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