Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey Review

  • Publisher: Grande Games
  • Developer: Grande Games
  • Rated: E
  • Release Date: August 14th, 2015
  • Platform: Xbox One and Playstation 4
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey; I’m still trying to figure out how to describe this one. Grande Games takes a massive leap with their first game and it’s a great leap to be sure. Simply touting the game as “A selfie you can walk on” Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey has you taking the role of, well, Commander Cherry. He is on an adventure and requires your help! Yes, you! Using your Kinect or PS4 Camera and your wireless controller, you’ll make Commander Cherry run, jump, slow down time, and even shoot a laser, all across pictures of you!

That’s right, Commander Cherry will have you taking pictures of yourself, doing silly and sometimes downright impossible poses, to collect yellow orbs to finish each mission. The orbs you collect are activated by your body, so you’ll have to get pretty creative in some areas to collect them. You can also destroy your pictures with a laser;  that’s right, a laser! Destroying the picture will allow you to dodge enemy plants that want nothing more than to destroy you as well as collect any orbs you may have missed.

Commander Cherry is your standard side scrolling action adventuring game at its core, with jumping being the primary function next to building your pictures. This game really stands out as it’s the first of its kind. Using both the Kinect and controller simultaneously, you’ll have Commander Cherry jumping and dodging in no time on silly yoga posed pictures of yourself. In later levels, you’ll slow down time to avoid enemies and make collecting those precious yellow orbs a little bit easier.

The only real problem with Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey, is that you do get a double jump ability, but only as long as you don’t get hit by an enemy, fall off the game world, or drown in any of the water levels. This can be bothersome if you get stuck and need an extra boost to get somewhere.  With that being said, I did find some of the picture challenges a little too challenging at times. In order to get the highest point value possible, you have to make sure you get all the orbs activated and reachable in one go, as deleting a picture and starting over brings down your overall score value.

Even with those small problems, I had nothing short of a blast with Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. I’m excited to see what Grande Games does with the series and any future projects as this was a great showing of how imaginative and fun they are.  If your Kinect or Playstation 4 camera have been sitting near your television collecting dust, this is a fantastic reason to dust it off again.

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