The Top Ten Fantastic Four Villains

The Fantastic Four has been known as the World Greatest Comic Magazine. Sadly Marvel cancelled the title to spite Fox’s refusal to return the film rights, meaning the family will not be together in the wake of Secret Wars. This past August 6th we were exposed to another version of the first family of Marvel in Fox’s film reboot of the series. Let’s face it; we all wanted the film to be good, we wanted it to be true to the source material and that someone would bring justice to the Fantastic Four. So as we sit back and wallow in our disappointment, we look back at better days with our Top Ten Fantastic Four villains. They have been around for long enough that they deserve the best and in the comics they certainly have some of the best villains. Check out our list below and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

10. Puppet Master (First Appearance Fantastic Four volume 1 #8 November 1962)

Phillip Masters, the Puppet Master, had a rough childhood when his mother died and he turned to his “puppets” into his friends. With a series of circumstances Phillip became a step father to Alicia Masters. Sadly Alicia’s mother passed away which drove the Puppet Master crazy and overprotective. The Puppet Master made attempts to take over New York City which ran afoul the Fantastic Four. Alicia’s kind-hearted soul fell for the rocky lug that is the Thing. Since then the Puppet Master has been at the first family’s throat, occasionally taking possession of the Fantastic Four members. Alicia’s love for the Thing, and eventually Johnny Storm always drove the Puppet Master to evil deeds.


9. Namor the Sub Mariner (First Appearance Marvel Comics #1, 1939)

Love or hate him, Namor has been a mainstay in the Marvel Universe for the last 75 years. Namor has been the epitome of an anti-hero. We have the Human Torch officially to blame for Namor’s appearance during Marvel’s current timeline. Johnny Storm found Namor wandering around the Brooklyn with amnesia. With his memory recovered, Namor returned to Atlantis finding the city destroyed due to nuclear testing. Namor soon discovered his people had survived. He returned to the surface world attempting to flood New York. The Fantastic Four convinced Namor of his error.  Namor returned time and time again even falling in love with Susan Storm. Namor’s history has become somewhat more difficult when he joined the X-Men and became the world’s first mutant, but we will always remember him best pitted against Reed and the rest of the family.


8. Super Skrull (First Appearance Fantastic Four #18, 1963)

In the 50’s and 60’s, popular science fiction culture created the concepts of the little green men from space. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby came up with their own green little men the shape shifting form of the Skrulls. Leading the charge for universal domination was Kl’rt, the Super Skrull. Kl’rt was empowered by skrull scientists with not only his normal shape shifting powers but the powers of the Fantastic Four. Kl’rt soundly defeated the team claiming the Earth for the Skrull Empire. This didn’t sit well with Mr. Fantastic who figured that Kl’rt’s powers came from a transmission from the Skrull home world. The Skrull, and Kl’rt, battled the FF several times only to be defeated by the brains of the group not the brawn.


7. Psycho Man (First Appearance Fantastic Four Annual #5, 1967)

Psycho Man…how do you think he decided to name himself?  Psycho Man is a villain from the Microverse. Microverse is a Marvel Universe that has been suffering from overpopulation. Psycho Man uses technology to expand the Microverse and take over the Marvel Universe. He created a large human size robot suit and a box to control people’s emotions. It took not only the efforts of the Fantastic Four, but the Black Panther and the Inhumans to defeat the Psycho Man. He was defeated on several other occasions, but most notably he was the cause of the Invisible Girl’s emotional growth to become the Invisible Woman. This also stabilized that Susan Richards was the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four.

ff10frightful four

6. Frightful Four (First Appearance Fantastic Four #36, 1966)

Like many other comic book heroes, every hero or team needs is an excellent foil with the same number. The Frightful Four have been a pain in the neck for Marvel’s first family many times over. The membership changed several times over the years. The Wizard, Sandman, Paste Pot Pete (Trapster) and Medusa (with amnesia) was the first group to attack the Fantastic Four. Their first encounter was during Reed and Sue’s engagement party. They almost won the day but never closed the deal. The Wizard’s vanity and ability to under-estimate the Fantastic Four’s power and teamwork always worked against the Frightful Four. The stories have always been entertaining and interesting that the writers have mixed up the line up time after time.


5. Mole Man (First Appearance Fantastic Four #1, 1961)

The old Mole Man was the first bad guy to face off with the Fantastic Four. Harvey Rupert Elder was an American nuclear engineer and explorer. His social skills were nonexistent and his appearance tended to ward off others. His theories about the Earth being hollow were ridiculed by other explorers. He proved them wrong when he discovered Monster Island and found a race of Subterraneans. He was blinded by a diamond cave when he entered. Mole Man used the Subterraneans to attack the surface world when he believed that nuclear power plants were killing the Molloids. The Fantastic Four managed to defeat the Mole Man on many battles.


4. Blaastar (First Appearance Fantastic Four #62, 1967)

Blaastar was a warlord from the Negative Zone. He has super human strength and concussive blasts from his hands.  For sometime Blastar ruled his home world called Baluur. He became an outcast when his race ousted his rule and kicked him to the space curb. Blaastar, or the Living Bomb-Burst, floated through the Negative Zone only to escape when he saw Reed Richards and Triton (Inhumans) also trapped in the Negative Zone. He escaped the Zone only to be defeated by the Fantastic Four. Blaastar also joined forces with Annihilus over years in an effort to conquer the Earth. Blaastar’s alliance with Annihilus was always short-lived.  Blaastar regained his home world and defeated Annihilus. Blaastar has taken a shot at battling other heroes of earth only to meet defeat.


3. Annihilus (First Appearance Fantastic Four Annual #6, 1968)

Annihilus is another bad ass from the Negative Zone. He controls the Power Cosmic through his Cosmic Rod. This power has kept him virtually immortal and super powerful. His first encounter with Fantastic Four occurred when the team needed Negative Zone particles to stabilize the pregnancy that was killing Sue Richards. The Fantastic Four succeed in defeating Annihilus and saving Sue and her pregnancy. Since then Annihilus has tried to escape the Negative Zone and destroy the Fantastic Four. He invaded Earth on other occasions only to be killed in battle several times. He has been resurrected time after time only to return. He recently defended Earth from Thanos when he was part of the Infinity council.


2. Galactus (First Appearance Fantastic Four #48, 1966)

Galactus is being that eats planets to survive.  The story goes Galactus has heralds that span the cosmos to find planets to ease his unyielding hunger. Some of those heralds were the Silver Surfer, Terrax the Terrible, Nova, Firelord, and several others including Johnny Storm for a brief period. Usually when a herald was displaced for a new one Galactus would barter for their service. The Fantastic Four faced off with Galactus on numerous occasions when he sought to absorb Earth’s living force. Reed Richards even convinced Galactus to search the Negative Zone for worlds but even Galactus found the Negative Zone too bizarre. It was found that Galactus was simply a force of nature that destroyed worlds to balance the scales of the Marvel Universe.


1. Doctor Doom (First Appearance Fantastic Four #5, 1962)

Victor Von Doom was destined to make number one on this list, regardless of how bad his film portrayals have been. Doom has been one of the longest mainstays of the Marvel Universe when it comes to bad guys. For the Fantastic Four, Doom’s bitterness or rivalry has been personal. Depending on which lore you believe, which means ignoring the movies, Victor attended college with Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. He was experimenting on a formula that Reed had attempted to help him correct. The formula exploded damaging Doom’s face. He blamed Reed for the accident, plus he was expelled from college. Doom returned to his homeland Latvaria where he trained in sorcery and the dark arts. At the height of his madness he had the mask which he currently wears burned to his face. Doom became more powerful and the ruler of Latvaria. He used his power and madness to torment the Fantastic Four for the next 50 years. Doom has appeared as a villain in almost every other Marvel team since his incarnation. His film appearances haven’t really done any to help his legend or given way to how awesome Doom really is.

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