God Of War III Remastered Review

  • Publisher:  Sony
  • Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
  • MSRP:  $39.99
  • Rated:  Mature
  • Release Date: July 14th, 2015
  • Platforms: Playstation 4
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

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Five years ago Santa Monica Studio brought forth perhaps the final entry in the God Of War series. Kratos has taken out a few of the gods and Zeus is his final objective. You’re probably wondering why a game that came out five years ago has gotten the remaster treatment; even after playing I’m still asking the same question. While that might seem like a bad thing, its honestly not. The game has been bumped to 1080p and 60fps native, a photo mode has been added,  a brand new weapon, and new enemies to face.

The biggest addition is easily how great the game looks. While graphics aren’t everything, the game looks especially beautiful with all of the refinements.  Of course it couldn’t be God of War without the copious amounts of blood when going on a rampage of mythical creature killing which looks better than ever.  During my time with the game, I did notice a few glitches within the camera system that didn’t get a fix. Since the game is running on a fixed camera system like most beat em ups,  when fighting enemies within enclosed areas it can be frustrating not being able to see because of a bad set angle.

While the graphics get the main overhaul, the gameplay itself actually feels a bit tighter than the original version which serves as a slight improvement that was noticeable. The game is otherwise every bit as challenging on the harder difficulties still. For newcomers to the series who may have previously missed out, the harder difficulties might be a tad too much. Now granted, not everyone will jump straight to the hardest difficulty their first time around, but for those who do might get confused with a few of the boss battles that will otherwise destroy you.

The biggest feature addition this time around is the brand new photo mode. Previously seen in the The Last Of Us Remastered, the photo mode allows you to pause the game where ever you are and snap a picture to share with friends through messages or on social media. The left portion of the PS4 controller’s touch pad functions as the way to access this feature. Snapping a pic, uploading it, then getting right back into action is simple and very easy to use.  We’re still waiting on some great meme potentials to hit online.

If you are a fan of the God Of War series, it’s doubtful you missed this one the first time around, but the extra polish to it makes a fantastic experience to go through once more.  It is odd, however, that Sony chose to start with the thid title for a remaster considering this is serviced especially towards those who possibly never owned a Playstation 3.  While it’s not the best place to start as it is the end of the series and picks up in the middle of the story, right from the gorgeous opening scene you should be hooked, looped in or not. It still features a fantastic story that gives you plenty of reasons to behead a few monsters, break a few pots, and Spartan kick a lot around.

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