Ten Things I Hate About Batman: Arkham Knight

 This covers various events throughout the game including, so be mindful of MAJOR SPOILERS throughout this article.

Batman:  Arkham Knight is a great game.  I spent a huge chunk of my time trying to complete most everything in it, much more than I have put into any game as of recent.  With that out of the way, the game had plenty of things that I hated about it as I made my way through the very end.  Some of the things I hated to a lesser degree than others, but the same emotion was present nonetheless.  I’ve discussed some of these things with the rest of the staff;  on some they agreed, on some they didn’t.  Perhaps you’ll have thought about some of the same things while you played through or maybe not.  Check out everything I hated about the game below!

Changing on the roof.

Towards the beginning of the game, you must rescue a firefighter from the clutches of six of the militia that are locked inside a small room on a roof.  You get three to come out by using a distraction.  After you take them out, Lucius Fox sends a drop package to the roof containing a new and improved suit, yards away from the hostage situation.

The first problem is getting sent the suit itself.  You are very early in the game, so why did Batman not where the suit to begin with?  Did that extra hour Fox had to tinker on it help?  Did Batman not understand how bad the situation was in the city before he left?

The next problem comes from the fact that he completely changes his suit on a rooftop.  Again, yards away from a hostage situation.  Where three of the militia have already been taken out. Wouldn’t it have been a little awkward if the three remaining opened the door to look for their three friends and see Bruce Wayne putting on a Batman suit?  The Knightfall protocols could have used many hours earlier in the game if the militia had even the slightest worry about their compatriots.  The logic of that entire scene just hurt my brain thinking about it

The New Commissioner Gordon

I love Breaking Bad and Community, I love Johnathan Banks.  However, he is not Gordon for me.  We all have that inner voice for a character and Banks is just not it.  As soon as I heard his voice coming out of Gordon, I knew it was just plain wrong like Bat-nipples.  Luckily throughout the game you do not have to hear him as much but every time I did it was like nails on a chalk board.  I would love to see Banks voice another character in a game, just one that fits him better.

The Batmobile.

Where to start on the Batmobile?  We all wanted it.  The previous games had given us so many of his gadgets but we still wanted more.  Yet as soon as you get into a high-speed chase, you realize something isn’t right. The controls are wonky enough that it wasn’t long until I realized gliding over Gotham was much more intuitive and convenient then jumping in the tank.

And it is a tank.  It has a giant cannon on it.  What is wrong with this picture?  How about that Batman doesn’t use guns?  His parents were murdered by a gun.  Criminals use gun.  Batman long ago vowed never to use a gun, but a giant cannon is alright?  He could use tranquilizer guns, or even for that matter shoot out some knee caps to make sure Two-Face doesn’t get out of jail without a walker  His life would be so much easier with them, but he resorts to special gadgets and bat-o-rangs.  Some how though a giant cannon on his giant tank is acceptable?  I’ve heard plenty of people tell me it’s alright since he is using it against drones, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a giant gun.

If having the gun wasn’t bad enough, how about all the times you have to use it throughout the game.  With the amount of enemy drones you have to face it starts to feel more like a Call of Duty game than a Batman one.  I won’t even get started on the fact that the militia you are facing must have billions of dollars to have the several hundred disposable drones you’ll tear through. The fact is that it turns the Batmobile into the Battank, so it doesn’t even feel like we’re getting what we wanted to begin with.

The Batwing.

What a tease the Batwing is, dropping in supplies and upgrades, flying above our heads.  Yet we never get to know the joy of actually getting into the Batwing and flying around Gotham.  Instead we are stuck with the frustrating Batmobile and super gliding.  Would it have really been that more difficult to include the Batwing as a playable vehicle?  Considering maxing out your grapple and glide ability make it close to flying already, why could they not include that as well to speed travel up even further.  It might not have been as bad if they didn’t rub the Batwing in our faces again and again.

Unplayable Characters.

Though the world has gotten bigger and there are more things you can do, being able to switch to different characters is still an unreailized feature.  We get a small taste of Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin during the game, but why after the end can we not select any of them to play as.  How amazing would it be to run through Gotham beating up the still loose criminals as Nightwing?  Even Arkham City gave us that with Catwoman on day 1, albeit a DLC add-on.  With the world being so much bigger, why is this something they couldn’t have added in, when just like the Batmobile, we’ve all wanted it from the beginning?  If this truly is the last game in the series, we will never know the joy of being able to protect Gotham as Batman’s allies.

The Arkham Knight.

In the comics, no one liked Jason Todd back when he was Robin, hence why he was strongly voted by readers to be killed by the Joker.  The Red Hood on the other hand people could get into, a former superhero sidekick who decided the way his former mentor did things just kept the criminals coming back again and again.  His answer was bullets and lots of them.  Jason Todd turned into a pretty big badass.  The Arkham Knight is a different story.

My first complaint comes from actually finding out the Arkham Knight’s identity.  Jason was only briefly mentioned in one previous entry of the series.  Finally you get over the half way point of the game and they serve up a big helping of him.  At this point it’s to little to late.  We never get any reason to think it’s Jason and then they slap us in the face with Batman hallucinating about Jason’s torture and “death.”  Could it have felt anymore forced in?  I doubt it.

I would like to know how Jason went from being a former Robin to the commander of a highly advanced militia that seems to have unlimited amounts of funding.  There seems to be no correlation.  How about why anyone would follow him when he obviously is not very good at what he does.  Any time he comes face to face with Batman, he gets his butt handed to him and ends up running away like the scared little Robin he really is.  For someone who claims to know everything about Batman, he actually seems like he has absolutely no clue about any of Batman’s tactics.  Again and again you out smart him until the very end.  Then how do you beat him?  You talk to him for times after he perches in a fixed position trying to snipe you.  Suddenly that 3-4 minute talk makes him remember what a whiny little brat he really is as he runs away once more as a changed man.  Where’s the Joker with a crowbar when you need him?


Later in the game you get “treated” to a mission that has you taking on Tommy Elliot, aka Hush.  With his latest plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne, he has infiltrated your office and take Lucius Fox hostage.  I happen to like Hush quite a bit and was excited to see his inclusion.  Until I realized the entire mission involves a one button counter and you are done.  That’s it.  Did the designers have a mandate to use Hush but ran out of time.  I felt like I just wasted my time just as much as they wasted that villain.

The Riddler Challenges.

In every other Batman game, I never obtained all of the Riddler trophies.  For me they were very tedious and my interest was spent way before that halfway mark of completing them.  Now they decided to add in about a hundred more just to add to the mind numbing boringness.  Sure, there are some people who like those as something to do extra after they beat the story, that’s fine.  Locking the full ending behind solving every Riddle?  That is just infuriating.  Most of them are not ever Riddles.  Since when did a Riddle involve swerving through an obstacle course at high speeds to beat a lap time?  Since when is the Riddler interested in creating race tracks to begin with?  At least if you do solve them all you can face him in his infamous mech suit.  Oh, wait a minute, the Riddler doesn’t have a giant mech suit, except for her for some reason.


My anger with Deathstroke is almost the same as with Hush.  After the Arkham Knight scampers off to whatever hole he goes to live in, Deathstroke takes over the militia.  That was a pretty awesome addition I never saw coming and actually made me excited to finish all of the militia missions just so I could face down the world’s deadliest assassin.  Wait a minute, I have to face him in his tank?  That’s all there is to it?  My excitement immediately went away.  They wasted such a great villain who would have been excellent to face in hand to hand combat and threw him into another stupid tank?  What were they thinking?  At that rate, I would have prefered they left him out and I would have been just as happy not completing the annoying militia missions.

The Ending.

No matter how much you complete the game, either finishing of Scarecrow, initiating the Knightfall Protocols, or 100% the game, the ending is weak.  After you take down Scarecrow, you have absolutely no resolution with any of Batman’s allies.  For Robin and Gordon it would have been nice to see some type of goodbye between them and Batman, but how about with Jason Todd.  You face him as one of the main enemies throughout the entire game, but beyond using his rifle to help Batman one last time, we find out nothing about what will happen to him.  Batman doesn’t want to try to talk to his former protegé, at least to make sure that he won’t be doing any more villanous acts?

The Knightfall Protocols and the 100% ending are just as bad.  Blowing up Wayne Manor is the answer?  There is nothing else to it than that?  Making Azrael or Nightwing the new Batman has nothing to do with it?  No, a big explosion is Batman’s big exit.  Sure the 100% ending has some additional content, but it still is very vague.  Nothing from any of the endings brings any type of satisfaction.  We’ve just put how many hours into this game, this series, and this is all we get?  How frustrating is that.

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