Predator: Fire and Stone TPB Review


Title:  Predator:  Fire and Stone TPB

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Joshua Williamson

Artist:  Christopher Mooneyham

Inker:  John Lucas

Colorist:  Dan Brown

Letterer:  Nate Piekos

Cover Artist:  E.M. Gist

Review:  ★★★★☆

Predator: Fire and Stone TPB collects the complete four issues chronicling the Predators part in the Fire and Stone narrative. It has been sometime since I’ve read a Predator comic;  honestly the last one I picked up was Batman vs Predator 2. If you know anything about the Predator character, then you have certain expectations. Fire and Stone does not let down those in any way shape or form. This particular story does begin where another ended, so if you get dropped into the middle, it’s actually easy to pick up. The plot takes place after the Prometheus film as frame of reference if you are jumping in fresh.

Our anti-hero Galgo is captain of the ship Helios that recently escaped LV-23. Let’s just say after a series of events and untimely deaths of the remaining members of his crew, a partnership is brought formed between him and a stowaway Predator. Eventually this leads Galgo and the Helios headed back to LV-23 where even more dangers lurk.

The series is broken up into to four parts. Parts two and three begin with flashbacks of both Galgo and Ahab. It gives the story a great point of reference and you feel a little bit more for both characters. The final chapter sets up the long battle with the Engineer, the Predators ultimate prey. The reason  Galgo calls the Predator Ahab is because the Engineer is the great white whale for him. The battle is spectacular and well thought out. The finale is satisfying and very much how a Predator story should end.

Joshua Williamson writes the dialog so it feels like a Predator movie with a little kick. Christoper Mooneyham’s pencils and inks are fantastic. His artwork reminds me of Lee Weeks and Klaus Janson, but actually much more refined and better in general.

The combined work was solid and served as a much better experience than if you were originally reading it in issue form, where the release schedule made the whole Fire and Stone collection a bit hard to follow.  For the whole experience you will still want to pick up each Fire and Stone TPB so that you can see the beginning and end of the full story.  By itself it still is a solid arc that any Predator fan will find plenty to enjoy.

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