Indy Pop Con 15: Battle of the Cosplayers Poll Standings Update

We are just over a week into our Indy Pop Con 15:  Battle of the Cosplayers poll!  Considering we snapped so many amazing Indianapolis cosplayers, we have no idea how things will go before the poll closes.  With the first half finished, we wanted to take a look at the current top 10 cosplayers in the rankings.

The Gotham villain Poison Ivy has taken a nice lead so far with 21.53% of the votes.  She doesn’t have a whole lot of breathing room as the King of Atlantis is right behind her, Aquaman with 18.94%.  Behind them is battle for third.  Sorcerer Jafar currently has the third spot with 12.18%, but Lady Deathwing who had an early lead is still right behind in fourth with 12.05%.  The superhero team up of Madman and Wonder Woman is sitting comfortably in fifth with 5.66%.  The next five are all very close to one another, lending for plenty of room for shakeups.  The Dragon Ball duo of Goku and the adorable Gohan are in sixth with 3.81%, the ferocious Predator in seventh with 2.95%, superheroines Power Girl and Zatanna in eighth with 2.46%, the lone wolf pack Alan in ninth with 2.21%, followed by Mermista in tenth with 1.97%.

At the end will these still be the final top ten?  With a week to go still there is plenty of time for the rankings to shift so make sure you continue to support your favorite cosplayer!

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