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Top 5 Costumes:  Robin

Batman and Robin go together like peanut butter and jelly.  While the boy wonder wasn’t their from the very beginning of Batman’s introduction into comics, he was close enough having debuted in Detective Comics #38.  Since then Batman has trusted Robin as his faithful sidekick for helping his crusade in the cleanup of Gotham’s criminals.  Over the years many people of become Robin as the former moved away from Batman’s shadow (or died for awhile) and became a hero in their own right.  Each has worn a costume that reflected who had come before them since Dick Grayson first donned his, while also putting their own spin on the original.  We looked through everyone who has taken the mantle, from Dick to Damian, and have pulled the top five costumes, in order, of which we believe deserve the greatest presence in the Batcave.  Check them all out below and let us know in the comments which Robin costume is your all time favorite!


5.  Dick Grayson:  Poor Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.  Both had to wear this iteration of the Robin costume.  Can someone please get them some pants?  Batman has enough money for it!  No wonder Dick became Nightwing and Joker put Jason out of his misery.  Having the young man run around with no pants is hard to get around, but at least the top part of his costume is actually created very well, hence why it is so iconic still.  The color combination of red, green, and yellow completely conflicts with Batman’s brooding persona, but that it what makes Robin, well, Robin.  The bright colors play well off his vibrant, youthful personality.  Later suits changed several things for the better, but overall a good foundation was laid.


4.  Tim Drake (First Robin costume):  Tim Drake got pants!  After both Dick and Jason were denied, Tim managed to use some extra fabric and actually cover his legs.  The addition of the black to the backside of his cape was a great move which also showed Robin could actually have a little bit of a dark side himself while still representing the overall lighter side of Batman.  He also traded the fairly ridiculous booties for a set of actual boots which look so much better.  This is the start where the Robin costume on a whole became less of a joke and showed its true potential for everything that came after it.


3.  Stephanie Brown:  While her time as Robin was fairly short-lived, Stephanie brought a nice feminine touch to the Robin costume by having the red shirt turn more into a dress.  Thankfully she still has pants though, unlike Dick and Jason, as the costume rightfully doesn’t try to push the envelope.  Her sleeves are good look as well, showing that they are padded and good for protection than just some basic fabric.  We love her as Spoiler as well, but we wouldn’t have minded seeing her wearing this for just a little longer than she ultimately did.


2.  Tim Drake (Last Robin costume):  In his final costume as Robin, Tim went for a more muted, darker look.  He got rid of all shreds of green which make him look just a bit more dangerous than before.  While that is the biggest change from before, it actually does make him look much different as he stands just as broody looking as Batman.  The criminals of Gotham probably took Robin just a little bit more seriously here than before.


1.  Damian Wayne:  Damian may have had an unfair advantage here as he is the latest Robin, but he took pieces from all those who came before him and created the ultimate Robin costume.  It probably didn’t hurt having Dick by his side telling him what not to do.  We already loved the black Tim Drake added to the cape, but here using it as a hood while keeping the traditional yellow prominent was a smart choice.  He uses less green than normal, but it is used in just the right matching accessories;  his mask, gloves, and boots.  Using the black for his arms and pants also keep him looking as though he actually belongs with Batman, while the yellow, green, and red are used enough to still make him Robin.  Personality wise Damian might be a little to bratty for our tastes at times, but otherwise he put together one hell of a costume.

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