Indy Pop Con 15: All Things Go Boom! Hands On

Who doesn’t want to jump into a tank and blow things up some days?  At Indy Pop Con 15 we had a chance to do just that in a fun party experience with All Things Go Boom! from indie developer Double Bomb Interactive.

All Things Go Boom! is a beautiful, bright and vivid twin-stick-top-down tank game where you and up to three friends choose sides and try to blow each other up along with the environment in several different game modes including Nuke Race, Fortress Defense, and Rampage.  You also have your choice from several different weapons to start with which you will be able to upgrade.

For our hands on we had a chance to try out Nuke Race which finds you and a friend taking on another team of two as you battle each other and race to collect enough scrap to build a nuclear warhead.  The entire environment is destructive meaning you can collect scrap from destroying everything, including your rival team.  You can even grab the scrap of your fallen teammate to add to your nuke.  To increase your destructive abilities, items are placed throughout the map so you can increase your weapon’s power or armor, an upgrade system that feels reminiscent of Bomberman.

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The flow of the match was fast and frantic as we had to split our time trying to attack our opponents while also salvaging scrap.  The controls were very intuitive with one stick controlling your movement direction, the second controlling your weapon aim.  You could also do speed boosts to ram a rival tank off the playfield as well as switch your primary weapon.  We started off losing terribly, but once we got in the groove we were able to make a huge comeback and finish our nuke, which then slowly launches and comes crashing back to Earth to destroy everything.  It is surely killing you too we imagine unless your tank is nuke proof, but it was very entertaining to watch regardless.

From the looks of it, All Things Go Boom! should be a great new couch co-op game for when your friends head over, something that is missing far to often from current games.  Considering we only went through one mode of play, we cannot really say much to the longevity of the game, but from it alone it showed plenty of promise.  One thing we do know for certain, we’re excited to give it more of a spin in the future.

Currently All Things Go Boom! is set for an Xbox One release.

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