Indy Pop Con 15: Boot Hill Heroes Bounties Hands On

At Indy Pop Con 15 this year we got to do a hands on of the game Boot Hill Heroes Bounties from Experimental Gamer Studios.  This is the second game in the Boot Hill Heroes series of a planned three-part RPG saga from the studio.

Now what is Boot Hill Heroes Bounties if you haven’t played the original? It’s a spaghetti western RPG. It’s set up in a classic style of say Final Fantasy II.  I’m huge fan of spaghetti westerns so it really wasn’t to hard of a push to get me into the story. The design was the basic block style, 8-bitish that gives you just enough information to know who the characters were. I totally figured that the character DOC was taken from Clint Eastwood in his Man With No Name series.

The game was a lot of fun, but the thing that makes their series stand out is the multi-player aspect. You can play up to four players and use the turn based battle system to the team’s advantage. Dave from Experimental Gamer Studios and I played for about 10 minutes. You could tell he was excited to show off the game even though he had been there for two days now. I defeated some beavers and scored some special moves that helped me gave more level up points. The group next me had been playing all day so they were enjoying the game. They battled some weird western doctor who I didn’t reach, but the battle sure looked intriguing.


Just like the first, this is a pretty big game so spending only a little time with the title was just a tease.  It definitely left us wanting to play more and explore this interesting world further.  Fans of the original should be very pleased with this continuation while newcomers have a lot to look forward.

Boot Hill Heroes Bounties will be available on Steam, PC and Xbox Live later on in the Fall. Make sure you take a break with the standard FPS and grab your friends for some western fun.

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