Hands On Preview with AMC’s Shudder Beta

While this isn’t something we typically cover here at First Appearance, being a huge horror fan I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity. Recently AMC announced they were going to be trying their hand out in the streaming service market, specifically targeting horror fans. With their service titled “Shudder” they aim to be the all Horror version of Netflix. I’ve gotten a chance to go hands on with the service in its current beta state. Is it worth the hype? More importantly, what’s it all about? Let’s find out!

Shudder is AMC’s answer to those who want Halloween year around. Boasting 222 titles in its beta form, Shudder is not shy about its selection. Ranging from titles like Stitches and Absenthia, to Day Of The Dead and American Werewolf In London, there’s no shortage of content. Speaking of content, also featured is “Shudder.TV” which is “an endless stream of screams” Shudder.TV is a live commercial-less stream of non stop horror. Ranging from cartoon shorts, to full length movies.  Best of all the streaming and playback of movies is very smooth and crisp.

The only real problem I have with Shudder is it does seem to be lacking some of the big name Horror movies. Now granted, this could be due to it being in beta or licensing issues, it still is a little disappointing to see some of the lesser produced films being showcased without the bigger titles. While it’s not a bad thing necessarily, it could certainly use some of the likes of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, and even Hellraiser.

The beta is currently on PC only right now, but AMC is promising an Android, iOS, and Roku app in the coming weeks, with a world-wide release “Coming Soon”.  Personally I am enjoying the service and have caught a couple of films that turned out to be very well done and exciting that I probably would’ve passed up had they been on Netflix.

When the service becomes available, you’ll have two ways to pay. $4.99 for a month or $49.99 for an entire year. While the latter seems to be a tad bit expensive, the service, if you’re a Horror fan that is, pays for its self. Content being added regularly as well as some of the best in Independent Horror, what more could you ask for?

When Shudder launches world-wide, we’ll have a full hands on review.

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