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Top 5 Costumes:  Batman (Video Games)

Previously we have taken a look at Batman’s top five costumes from his comic book appearances.  With the final game in the Batman:  Arkham series ready to drop in less than two weeks, we thought it was about time we took a stroll through memory lane and looked at the various costumes the caped crusader has sported in video games.  Most were bad games and most featured a terrible looking version of Batman.  That still didn’t stop us from choosing his top five video game costumes, even though we have some bad ones mixed in.  There was even one we deemed worst of the worst which is featured as our Dishonorable Mention of the week.  Check out our top picks below to see how good (and bad) it got for Batman over the years in his digital adventures.


5.  Batman Forever (1995):  In a surprising turn of events, Batman’s costume actually looks better in a 16-bit game than it did in the actual film.  Alright, maybe it’s not that much of a surprise after all.  Here he has less detail than the film which actually makes it better.  While you can’t see them, never fear, he still has the Bat Nipples.  In the game you can launch them off as a finishing move.  True story.  Well, maybe not.


4.  Batman Returns (1992):  The 16-bit version of one of our favorite film costumes actually translated fairly well.  His utility belt and logo shine brightly in a sea of black which we’ve always enjoyed as a nice contrast. Beyond that he actually looks extremely ripped, much more so than Michael Keaton.  Hence why he can pick up two of these sad clowns at once.


3.  Batman Vengeance (2001):  We love this costume because it looks like it is ripped straight out of the Animated Series, at least as close to it that a game of that generation could.  The mix of black and grey add a little depth to his style, but make him look like he belongs in the shadows.  It has a classic, wholesome feel that brings us back to the good old 90’s.


2.  Lego Batman:  He’s so adorable!  Having the classic Batman look but in blocky goodness LEGO form?  Pure awesomeness!  We love the cowl, we love the cape, we love the whole darn thing. This is the version of Batman you want as your wingman at the bar, or as a projectile weapon for anyone who makes the mistake of messing with you.  “Fool, I got a tiny brick Batman in my pocket, what now!?”


1.  Batman Arkham Series: Is it cheating that the latest version of Batman gets the top spot?  Maybe, but is it his fault that he looks so darn grizzled and handsome?  Is it his fault he has an incredible cowl, a fantastic cape, a beautifully sculpted costume.  Is it wrong we want to wear this, running down the aisles of our local supermarket, screaming, “I am Batman?” If that’s wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Dishonorable Mention


Batman 1986:  Is it cheating that the oldest version of Batman gets the dishonorable mention?  Not when he looks this pathetic.  He has a plump egg for a body and two long stubby legs coming out of his belly.  It doesn’t help that his head is the shape of a Mr. Potato Head with tiny little points sticking out.  Worst of all, it makes us wish for something as interesting as Bat Nipples.  Damn you dirty isometric Batman, damn you!


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