Comic News: Valiant Entertainment Previews Bloodshot Reborn #6

Valiant Entertainment is released the first look at Bloodshot Reborn #6 from writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT, Descender) and artist Butch Guice (NINJAK, Captain America).  It starts the brand new arc The Hunt which finds Bloodshot on the trail of his own doppelgängers.

Bloodshot is on the hunt. Determined to stop the violent reign of terror that plagues Colorado, Bloodshot must journey across the Rocky Mountains to destroy the remaining nanites that have caused mass murderers to spring up across the state. But will the drugs, booze, and insane visions rattling around his head put an end to his journey before it begins?

“In the first arc of BLOODSHOT REBORN, Jeff introduced several Bloodshot doppelgängers – individuals who were infected with nanites and became violently psychotic as a result,” said Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons. “Bloodshot knew what was happening – that these killers couldn’t handle the power of the nanites and were going mad as a result – and stepped into action to stop them from killing again. But at the close of issue #5, we’ll see that he’s not the only one who’s taken an interest in the killers…”

Bloodshot Reborn #6 hits stands this September.

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