Game News: Microsoft Announces New 1TB Xbox One Console Model

Today, in the early morning hours, Microsoft has announced the rumor we’ve all been seeing is true. A brand new 1TB system model. While it’s not entirely new, as there was a 1TB Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare model, this is new as it seems this will be the new standard console. What’s even more, is there will be a newly designed controller packed in that features a 3.5 mm jack built into the controller. That means no more pesky headset adapter. The new 1TB model is expected to start shipping to stores on June 16th. It seems a little odd that Microsoft would announce this one week before their E3 press conference, but none the less it is real. You can check out the official reveal below.

Let us know in the comments if you haven’t picked up an Xbox One yet, does this entice you more to do so?

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